Urban road lighting application, park lighting, commercial area lighting, parking lot lighting, and other fields all employ LED street lights extensively. Its great brightness, energy efficiency, environmental protection, long life, and other qualities make it the top choice to replace conventional street lighting.

Public Lighting

Public lighting refers to the lighting infrastructure installed in public spaces such as streets, parks, and plazas. It plays a vital role in enhancing safety, visibility, and aesthetic appeal. With advanced technologies like LED lighting, public lighting systems now offer energy efficiency, improved reliability, and reduced maintenance costs, making cities brighter and more sustainable.

Sports Lighting

Proper illumination is crucial for sports field lighting, courts, stadiums, and indoor arenas, benefiting both players and spectators. ZGSM Lighting Luminaires are the ideal lighting solution for these requirements. By ensuring sufficient lighting, players can perform at their best, even during evening games or in low natural light conditions, enhancing safety and overall performance.

Large area lighting

Achieve substantial energy savings and enhance safety levels with the implementation of efficient and high-power LED large area lighting solutions. By utilizing advanced LED technology, these luminaires offer remarkable energy efficiency, significantly reducing electricity consumption and operating costs. With their high lumen output and precise light distribution, they ensure optimal illumination across large areas, promoting visibility, security, and productivity. Experience the benefits of efficient and powerful LED large area lighting, where energy savings and safety go hand in hand.

Indoor lighting

The adoption of LED high bay lighting in warehouses is increasing rapidly as companies reap the benefits of significant energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. Unlike fluorescent banks of tubes that often flicker, buzz, and consume excessive energy, LED lighting offers a superior alternative. Companies that struggle with poorly lit warehouses should seek brighter, whiter, and more reliable lighting options to prioritize staff safety, prevent employee illnesses, and enhance the overall working environment. With ZGSM Lighting’s warehouse-approved LED lighting range, which includes glass-free luminaires with IP65 and IP66 ratings, we provide solutions for traditional metal halide high bays, fluorescent tubes, and more. Our products are backed by a comprehensive 5-year guarantee, ensuring peace of mind and long-term performance for your warehouse lighting needs.