Outdoor Flood Lights For Parking Lot Lighting

Parking Lot Lighting

Parking Lot lighting are becoming an increasingly essential component of urban infrastructure due to the acceleration of urbanisation and the rise in living standards. Vehicles have steadily replaced other modes of transportation as the primary means of transportation. In this instance, selecting a lighting solution that will satisfy the led parking lot lights requirements has come to the forefront of discussion.

Among these options, street lights, garden lights, and floodlights are all good options. Street lights are suitable for most light poles and are cost-effective. The installation of floodlights sometimes requires customizing corresponding brackets, while garden lights are usually suitable for vertical light poles and are more expensive, but they are also a good choice because of their beautiful shapes.

Parking Lot lighting

Lighting standard of Parking Lot Lighting

Each region has specific standards or guidelines for parking lot lighting. China’s national standards refer to GB 50034 Design Code for Outdoor Building Lighting. For American standards, you can refer to the IES RP-20-14 standard or the IESNA Lighting Handbook. European parking lot lighting can refer to EN 12464, which sets requirements for the illumination, uniformity and glare of parking lot lighting, as detailed below.

Parking areas
Type of area, task or activity Maintained illuminance Lux illuminance uniformity Uo Glare Rating limits (RGL) Colour rendering indices (Ra)  Specific requirements 
Light traffic, e.g. parking areas of shops, terraced and apartment houses; cycle parks  5 0.25 55 20  
Medium traffic, e.g. parking areas of department stores, office buildings, plants, sports and multipurpose building complexes  10 0.25 50 20  
Heavy traffic, e.g. parking areas of major shopping centres, major sports and multipurpose building complexes 20 0.25 50 20  
According to Standard of EN 12464-2:2014 

Key Factors to Consider in Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lot dimensions and traffic: Understanding the dimensions of your parking lot and the traffic flow within it is critical to determining appropriate parking lot lighting. Based on the previously mentioned criteria, we understand that the greater the traffic flow, the higher the illumination required. Under the same illumination requirements, larger parking lots require more lighting equipment. In addition, parking lots usually do not have regular shapes, so we recommend customers to provide CAD drawings to better recommend lighting products for them.

Illuminance and uniformity: In the EN12464-2 standard, there are specific requirements for parking lot lighting. The standard clarifies the illumination and uniformity requirements for light traffic, moderate traffic and high traffic parking lots. ZGSM reviewed multiple documents and found that the illumination requirements of this standard are relatively low. In comparison, China and the United States have higher standards, so in different regions, it is best to refer to local standards. The safety and visibility of drivers, customers and pedestrians can only be ensured by ensuring that parking lots are illuminated correctly.

Light pole layout: In addition to the wattage of the lamps, the number, height and position of the light poles are also related to the uniformity of illumination and uniformity in the entire parking lot. Usually, when replacing old lamps, the layout of the light poles is relatively clear. But for new parking lots, reasonable light pole placement can avoid glare, shadows and dark areas, ensuring adequate and even lighting throughout the parking lot. ZGSM believes that we should pay attention to the layout of the light poles to ensure that the simulated lighting results are close to those of the actual installation.

Dimming function selection: Parking lot lighting often needs to be equipped with dimming functions to save power consumption. Light control, timed dimming, microwave and intelligent control are often applied to street lights/floodlights to adapt to changes in traffic flow in parking lots at different times of the night. Microwaves can make the lamps work 100% when there are people and 30% of the time when there are no people. Timed dimming allows lamps to reduce output at midnight when traffic volume is low to avoid unnecessary lighting or light pollution. In addition, light control and intelligent control also have similar functions, and your parking lot can be selected according to your needs.

ZGSM’s Parking Lot Lighting

In parking lot lighting, street lights, area lights and floodlights are all options that can be used to illuminate the parking lot, and ZGSM can provide corresponding lamps. In many cases, street lights are a relatively suitable choice. In the Americas, lamps called “shoeboxes” are commonly used to illuminate parking lots. In addition to street lights, area lights and floodlights are also suitable for lighting large parking lots. In this case, many floodlights are usually mounted on tall poles, and each parking lot may require one or more such tall poles to illuminate the entire area. The street lights mentioned before are sometimes installed in 2 or 4 on the same light pole to ensure sufficient lighting. In this case we need to use a mounting bracket, see our blog for details.

FLOOD LIGHT FOR Parking Lot Lighting

A type of lighting equipment ideal for outdoor parking lot lighting is the floodlight developed by ZGSM Lighting. A floodlight is a luminaire that emits light equally from all sides across a large area for the best possible lighting. Furthermore, floodlights offer a few energy-saving capabilities that might reduce the cost of energy for the parking lot.

Advantages of parking lot floodlighting

The use of floodlights in outdoor parking lots can offer security and a suitable lighting environment for people and vehicles. Floodlights can provide adequate lighting for vehicles at night to lessen the likelihood of accidents, illuminate the entire area, avoid lighting blind zones, and ensure that pedestrians can see their surroundings well.

The strain for the staff members in charge of managing the parking lot might be lessened by the ease of installation and maintenance of floodlights. Floodlights have a longer lifespan than conventional lamps and require fewer repairs and replacements, which significantly lowers the cost of maintenance work.

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