Tennis Court Lighting

LED Tennis Court Lighting

For tennis court lighting, high-quality LED lights are necessary. Proper illumination is essential when the entire globe is watching an tennis match. A tennis ball is actually fairly small on a tennis court, and without adequate lighting, nobody will be able to see it. ZGSM Lighting luminaires provide excellent, efficient lighting, high quality flood lights for tennis court lighting, which explains why so many buildings are switching to LED lighting in these applications.

Tennis is a high-speed ball sport, and good lighting on the court is essential to reduce visual fatigue, improve player performance, and reduce the risk of injury to players. Only lighting systems that meet the corresponding standards can fully play their role. Therefore, it is necessary to detail the relevant standards and key considerations to ensure that the lamps can provide the best lighting effect.

Tennis Court Lighting

Lighting Standard Of Tennis Court Lighting

Outdoor Reference area Number of grid points
Length-m Width-m Length Width
Tennis PA 30 15 13 7
TA 36 18 15 7
Lighting class Horizontal illuminance Horizontal illuminance RG Ra
Ehor Ave-lx U2 hor Ehor Ave-lx U2 hor
I 500 0.7 500*75% 0.7*75% 50 70
II 300 0.7 300*75% 0.7*75% 50 60
III 200 0.6 200*75% 0.6*75% 55 60
According to Standard of EN 12193: 2018

Key Factors To Consider For Tennis court Lighting

  • Lighting level: For tennis courts with different uses, the illumination requirements are also different. According to the EN12193 standard for tennis court illumination requirements, the requirement for Class I is 500lux, the requirement for Class II is 300lux, and the requirement for Class III is 200lux. If the tennis court hosts international competitions or the competition needs to be broadcast on television, then their lighting requirements are higher, and some need to reach 1,000 lux or more.
  • Uniformity: Uniformity indicates whether the light distribution in various areas of the tennis court is uniform. In addition to reasonable illumination, the quality of the lighting solution also depends on the level of uniformity. High uniformity means that the difference in illumination across the venue is small, effectively avoiding athletes’ discomfort due to strong visual changes. According to the EN12193 standard, the uniformity of a tennis court is generally required to be between 0.6 and 0.7. Generally speaking, the higher the level of events hosted by the venue, the higher the requirements for uniformity.
  • CRI: A high colour rendering index benefits the players on the court as well as the broadcasts. Tennis players can play to their full potential when the court is properly illuminated. Each stroke is accurate and precise as a result of how much simpler the ball is to see.
    Tennis court lights made by ZGSM The amount of glare on the court is also lessened by lighting. This also enhances the gamers’ gaming experience by preventing errors brought on by harsh light.
  • Light distribution: The fact that these lights are available in a variety of beam angles enables facility managers to precisely direct the light where it is required on the court to adequately illuminate the entire playing surface. Tennis courts are increasingly using LED because it improves the quality of play.
  • Requirement for telecasts: Important tennis matches are increasingly being televised as the sport gets more and more popular. However, bad lighting makes it challenging for fans of the match on television to see it clearly. Colours can be adequately perceived even when being broadcast on television thanks to LED lighting with a colour rendering index of better than 85, as ZGSM Lighting Luminaires. Tennis matches on television are no longer a problem thanks to these luminaires, which were created expressly for 4K and HD broadcasting.
Layout of tennis court lighting
Layout of tennis court lighting

ZGSM’s Tennis court Lighting Solution

ZGSM provides one-stop outdoor tennis court lighting services. Based on the tennis court and light pole information provided by the customer, as well as factors such as competition level, we tailor the most suitable lighting solution for you. According to the competition level (International and National, Regional, Local, Training) and with reference to the lighting level recommendations in the EN12193 standard, ZGSM provides you with professional guidance and solutions. ZGSM has corresponding mature solutions based on various levels of lighting requirements in the EN12193 standard, light pole information (number, height and location), site size, etc. Taking a standard 36*36 court (two tennis courts) as an example, we have given different recommended solutions for different lighting level requirements of Class I, II and III.

  • Tennis court with class I competition: we suggest 20 pcs 320W Zoom flood lights on 4 poles with 12 meters. And we got result Uh1=0.68, Uh2=0.79 and Eh ave=505 lux which all meet the requirement.
  • Tennis court with class II competition: we suggest 16 pcs 320W Zoom flood lights on 4 poles with 12 meters. And we got result Uh1=0.65, Uh2=0.78 and Eh ave=338 lux which all meet the requirement.
  • Tennis court with class III competition: we suggest 16 pcs 200W Zoom flood lights on 4 poles with 12 meters. And we got result Uh1=0.43, Uh2=0.69 and Eh ave=201 lux which all meet the requirement.

At the same time, we also provide customers with customized solutions (different lighting requirements, light pole height + location + quantity, tennis court distribution, etc.) Our tailor-made solutions include lighting simulation, lamp pole design, mounting brackets, lamp wattage, lamp optics, etc. We also provide detailed quotations, transportation and installation guidance and other services. Contact us for more information.

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