LED Lights For Roadways Lighting

ZGSM LED Lights for Roadways Lighting and Road Construction

ZGSM Lighting offers bright, efficient LED roadways lighting luminaires that are the perfect solution to low visibility roads. Designed to fit high mast lighting fixtures, our LED Luminaires will provide the level of illumination you need to keep your roadway or road constitutions project properly lit. Each year, over 50,000 traffic accidents are caused by low visibility. Increasing the illumination of roadways lighting at night with the right lighting is one-way municipalities can lower this statistic and keep their populations safer.

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The Importance of Roadway Illumination

Why should you invest in ZGSM Lighting Luminaires for your roadways? Proper roadway illumination provides the following benefits:

Allow motorists to quickly identify objects or people in the roadway
Improve traffic movement even in poor visibility
Improve the ability for drivers to see details not shown with headlights
Improve navigation for pedestrians
Minimize glare and shadows
If your roadways could benefit from these, contact ZGSM Lighting to discuss LED Luminaire Solution for your roadways.

Lighting Standards Of Roadways Lighting

Roadways lighting mainly involves urban roads, rural roads, sidewalks, intersections, etc. The lighting standard involved in these areas is EN13201, which is part of the European road lighting standard and mainly defines the illumination, uniformity and light distribution of street lights. In addition, there are M lighting class, P lighting class and C lighting class in this standard. M lighting class is used for main roads and motor vehicle lanes with heavy traffic; P lighting class is suitable for sidewalks, residential areas, branch roads or other low-traffic areas on main roads; C lighting class is suitable for secondary roads or roads and intersections connecting main roads, etc. . The following is C lighting class or other two classes, please view the municipal street lighting application.

Class Horizontal illuminance
Eav[minimum maintained] (lux) Uo[minimum] Threshold increment(TI in %)
C0 50 0.4 15
C1 30 0.4 15
C2 20 0.4 15
C3 15 0.4 20
C4 10 0.4 20
C5 7.5 0.4 20

Key Factors To Consider In Roadways Lighting

  • Lighting objects: According to the EN13201 standard, different roads need to refer to different lighting standards. Therefore, we need to clarify the type of road, such as motor vehicle lanes, sidewalks, intersections, roundabouts, etc. For different roads, we need to choose M grade, P grade or C grade to ensure that the lighting meets the corresponding requirements.
  • Road composition: A typical road usually consists of motor lanes, isolation islands, green belts and sidewalks. When designing road lighting, we need to clarify the specific composition of the road, including lane width, number of lanes, etc. Only by ensuring that these data are correctly and completely presented in lighting simulation software can we ensure that the final road lighting meets relevant standards.
  • Lighting standard levels: Road lighting levels should be selected based on the function of the road, traffic density, traffic complexity, traffic segregation, pedestrian flow and ambient brightness. Different roads have different parameters, so lighting levels should be strictly determined based on this information. For example, main roads usually have a large amount of traffic, high speeds, and complex traffic conditions (including pedestrians and multiple road branches), so M3, M2 or even higher lighting levels are usually required; while urban expressways have large traffic volumes and high speeds. It is fast, but the vehicle conditions and road composition are relatively simple, so usually only M4 or M3 lighting levels are required. The selection of sidewalk lighting levels is also affected by many factors. For detailed information, please refer to the EN13201 standard.
  • Light poles and their distribution: In road lighting design, factors such as the spacing, height, arm length, inclination angle and distance from the curb of the light poles must be clear, because they have a great impact on the final lighting effect. If the information is unclear or the light pole has not been determined, ZGSM will also provide suggestions based on road information. Feel free to contact us for more information.
  • Lamp selection: After the above points are clear, we can simulate road lighting. ZGSM can quickly select the lamp type, wattage, lens, etc. based on experience, and import this information into Dialux for simulation confirmation. Of course, fine-tuning is also necessary to obtain an optimal lighting solution.

ZGSM‘s Roadways Lighting

As a manufacturer, we have produced LED street lights, pots top lights and post top lights for more than 18 years. We also provide all the necessary documents for bidder which includes CE, CB, ENEC and RoHS. Beside the LM79, ISTMT, TM21 , IP, IK, LM82, LM84, EN62717 and EN62722 reports can be provided to prove the good performance of our lamps. Whether it’s luminous flux, light decay, power quality, heat dissipation, etc., we can guarantee it. And our products have other advantages as below.

Efficient Lighting Reduces Operating Costs

ZGSM Lighting offers LED Luminaires that will brightly illuminate the roadway even from high traffic light poles. Because of the design of our LED Luminaires, these lights are much more efficient than standard roadway lamps. By installing them on your roadways or parking lots, you will reduce your energy expenses by as much as 80 percent. In addition, the long lifespan of these LED Luminaires will mean less time and effort spent on traditional lighting replacement.

Improved Visibility with ZGSM Lighting

Not all LED Luminaires are created equal. ZGSM Lighting’s signature design is specially created to reduce glare and improve color rendering for a bright, white light that is as close to sunlight as possible. This glare-free design will ensure adequate visibility on even the darkest night, bringing 140 lumens per Watt of bright, crisp illumination every single time they are on.

Reduce labor costs, improve visibility and lower your energy use all by making the switch to ZGSM Lighting Luminaires. Browse our available products today or contact us to see how ZGSM Lighting can light up your world, one street at a time.

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