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LED Baseball Field Lighting

You need the proper illumination to make the most of an outdoor stadium. ZGSM Lighting luminaires offer a safer and more pleasurable experience for athletes and spectators through appropriate lighting. For outdoor stadiums of all sizes, these effective, durable luminaires are the best option.

Baseball field lighting plays an important role during night games or practices. It allows players and spectators to exercise or watch games after a busy day at work. Sufficient and uniform lighting also ensures that players can accurately see baseballs at night and make quick judgments. In addition, good lighting design can also provide clear and smooth images for TV broadcasts, improving the audience’s experience of watching the game at home. ZGSM believes that appropriate baseball field lighting design is very important. The following are baseball lighting-related standards, precautions and ZGSM’s flood lighting solutions.

Lighting Standard Of Baseball Field Lighting

Indoor Reference area Number of grid points
Length-m Width-m Length Width
Baseball Infield PA 27.5 27.5 13 13
Outfield PA 120 120 21 21
Lighting class Horizontal illuminance RGb Ra
Ehor Ave-lx U2 hor
I 750 0.7 50 70
II 500 0.7 50 60
III 300 0.5 55 60
a. When grid points are outside the playing area they are not included in the calculation. For the backstop area the same requirements apply as for the outfield.
According to Standard of EN 12193: 2018

Key factors To Consider For baseball field Lighting

Better lighting is needed for all outdoor sports

For baseball lighting, the lighting level and uniformity is important. For LED high mast lights, they can reach higher wattage with high lumen output. And they have a various beam angle. Then we can get right lighting level and uniformity for the baseball fields. This indicates that all sorts of baseball stadiums are a good fit for LED lights.

Improve Visibility To Improve Player Experience

Outdoor stadiums must have sufficient lighting to allow for athletes to perform to their highest potential. When engaging with his teammates, the ball, or any other component of a sport, players must be able to see properly. ZGSM Lighting makes players more visible, which enhances the gaming experience. ZGSM Lighting fixtures can give the ideal contrast to improve the gaming experience because to their extremely high light levels that produce 140 lumens/watt of output. Additionally, you can direct lighting precisely where it is needed to provide your players with the finest possible experience thanks to ZGSM Lighting fixtures’ numerous beam angles.

lessen viewers’ eye discomfort

ZGSM Lighting fixtures offer eye-friendly baseball field lighting that is bright. ZGSM Lighting luminaires are made to eliminate glare (UGR19) and offer a color rendering index that is comparable to that of natural sunshine (CRI>85), giving your audience the best experience possible without causing them any eye strain. In addition, the luminous clarity of ZGSM Lighting solutions increases the safety of spectators by enabling them to move more safely around stadiums, stands, and steps.

ZGSM’s baseball field Lighting Solution

ZGSM provides a full range of stadium lighting services. Different levels of baseball games have different requirements for pitch size and light pole layout. We can tailor the most suitable solution based on the baseball field information, light pole distribution and lighting needs provided by the customer. If the customer does not have clear lighting needs, we follow the EN12193 standard and provide professional guidance and solutions for different competition levels at international, national, regional, local and training venues. ZGSM’s baseball stadium lighting solution covers lighting simulation, light pole design, installation brackets, lamp wattage, lenses, etc., and also provides detailed quotation, transportation and installation guidance and other services. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Layout of baseball field lighting
Layout of baseball field lighting

The dimensions of the baseball diamond must be confirmed before conducting lighting simulations. Different regions, countries and cities do have certain differences in the size of their baseball stadiums, which is mainly due to historical, geographical and cultural factors. Generally speaking, while the International Baseball League has some standard sizes, there may be adjustments for different leagues and different ballparks. Major League Baseball (MLB) stadiums generally use the standard 400 feet. Minor League Baseball (MiLB) and amateur games have relatively smaller sizes, usually between 200-400 feet, because the intensity of the competition is not as high as professional requirements. Of course, some special factors will also affect the size of the baseball field, such as the time when the stadium was built, urban land restrictions and team characteristics, etc. will also affect the size of the stadium. Taking a standard 400-feet baseball field as an example, in order to better meet different levels of lighting requirements, we recommend choosing 8 poles for lighting planning. The following is our solution.

  • Baseball diamond with class I competition: we suggest 56 pcs 1800W Glomax high mast lights on 8 poles with 18 meters. And we got result Uh1=0.42, Uh2=0.71 and Eh ave=765 lux which all meet the requirement.
  • Baseball diamond with class II competition: we suggest 32 pcs 1800W and 12 pcs 1500W Glomax high mast lights on 8 poles with 18 meters. And we got result Uh1=0.46, Uh2=0.70 and Eh ave=537 lux which all meet the requirement.
  • Baseball diamond with class III competition: we suggest 32 pcs 1200W and 6 pcs 900W Glomax high mast lights on 8 poles with 18 meters. And we got result Uh1=0.41, Uh2=0.62 and Eh ave=319 lux which all meet the requirement.

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