ZGSM Lighting offers an extensive selection of LED lighting fixtures and state-of-the-art technologies that cater to all your sensing, illumination, and visualization needs. Whether it’s street lights, floodlights, solar street lights, post top lights, canopy lights, tunnel lights, high bay lights, or traffic lights, we provide tailored solutions to suit your diverse requirements. Discover unparalleled quality, efficiency, and innovation with ZGSM Lighting and transform your spaces with exceptional lighting solutions.

LED street lights
lED street Lights

Explore our extensive range of high-power, premium LED street lights, ideal for outdoor spaces. As a trusted street light supplier, ZGSM offers durable fixtures that deliver brilliant illumination, ensuring safety and visibility in all weather conditions. Illuminate your streets and parking lots with confidence and reliability.

LED Flood Lights

Experience optimal lighting with ZGSM LED Flood Lights, purpose-built for area, sports, parking lot, and billboard illumination. With versatile beam angles and energy-efficient performance, they enhance any outdoor space while reducing power consumption. Illuminate brilliantly, save significantly.

LED Solar Street Lights

Solar LED Street Lights provide reliable illumination for streets, highways, parks, and boundary walls. They are a game-changer for remote areas lacking grid connectivity, ensuring adequate lighting for colleges, highways, parking areas, and public spaces. Embrace solar technology for efficient and sustainable street lighting solutions.

LED Canopy Lights

ZGSM Recessed Canopy Light is tailor-made for gas stations and toll stations. With a wide power range and ATEX certification, it ensures safety in hazardous environments. The innovative lenses guarantee uniform light distribution and reduced glare, illuminating parking structures with efficiency and effectiveness.

LED Tunnel Light

ZGSM Tunnel Light is ideal for road and rail tunnels, providing reliable illumination. With its IP66 rating, durable housing, and resistance to salt fog, it ensures long-lasting performance. The versatile design allows for easy wall or ceiling mounting, with adjustable features for optimal tilt angles.

LED Post Top Lights

Post Top Light, powered by advanced LED technology, provides efficient illumination for smaller outdoor areas. With its versatile design, aesthetic appeal, and energy-saving features, it enhances landscapes, parks, and residential areas, extending outdoor activity hours while ensuring safety and property protection.

LED High Bay Lights

ZGSM High Bay Light provides exceptional lighting solutions for warehouses, factories, gyms, and large spaces. Our UFO High Bay Light combines innovative design with long-lasting and cost-effective performance. With efficiency ranging from 130lm/w to 190lm/w, these lights are compatible with intelligent control systems, ensuring extended lifespan and significant cost savings. Furthermore, our industrial light series features professional optical lenses and versatile installation accessories, meeting all project requirements.