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LED Tunnel Light for effective tunnels lighting

Tunnels Lighting has some special difficulties. Tunnels are not only dimly lit and dark, necessitating strong lighting to be safe, but they are also continually polluted by vehicle emissions. Additionally, tunnels are known for being wet, which poses a challenge for many lighting solutions. The factors considered in tunnel lighting design include length, line type, interior decoration, road surface type, unmanned roads, structure of link roads, design speed, traffic volume and types of cars, etc. At the same time, the light source color temperature, arrangement, lighting level, outside brightness and adaptation of the human eye must also be considered. The design of tunnel lighting is to solve these points.
ZGSM Lighting offers a tested response to each of these issues. ZGSM Lighting is a great choice for your tunnels lighting requirements because they are built to perform well even in the most severe settings and have a wide beam angle and clear illumination.

Tunnels Lighting

special visual problems for Tunnels

Before entering the tunnel (daytime) : Due to the great difference of brightness between inside and outside the tunnel, the phenomenon of “black hole” can be seen at the entrance of the tunnel with insufficient lighting inside the tunnel. 

After entering the tunnel (daytime) : after the car enters the tunnel with enough light from the outside, it takes a certain time to see the situation inside the tunnel, which is called “adaptation lag” phenomenon. 

At the exit of the tunnel: at daytime, when the car passes through the long tunnel and approaches the exit, the exit looks like a “white hole” due to plenty of sunlight outside tunnel, which will present a strong glare, and the driver will feel inconsistent; At night, on the contrary, the exit of the tunnel is not a bright hole but a black hole, so that the driver can’t see the different types of road markings and also obstacles on the road.

The above several special visual problems put forward a higher request for tunnel lighting, effectively deal with these visual problems, can pass through the following aspects. Good tunnel lighting allows users to enter, pass through and exit the enclosed section safely and comfortably.

Lighting Requirement in Tunnel Lighting

1. Access zone: This is a road leading to entrance of the tunnel. The access zone is located outside the tunnel, and its brightness comes from the natural sunlight outside the tunnel. However, since the brightness of this zone closely related to the lighting inside the tunnel, it is also conventionally called a lighting section. The lighting level in entrance zone is determined by this zone as well. From this zone, drivers must be able to see into the tunnel in order to check possible obstacles and to drive into the tunnel without reducing speed.

2. Entrance zone(Threshold zone): In the first part of this zone, the required brightness must be kept constant and associated with brightness and traffic conditions of access zone.  At the end of this zone, the lighting level can be reduced according to transition zone. 

3. Transition zone: This is zone between the entrance zone and the interior zone.  This zone is used to solve the problem of adaptation of the driver’s vision from high brightness in the entrance zone to low brightness in the interior zone. 

4. Interior zone: This is the area between transition zone and exit zone, which is the longest stretch of tunnel. After Transition zone, the driver’s vision complete the process of dark adaptation. In this zone, its lighting level is to ensure the safety and stability in the tunnel. 

5. Exit zone: The area of the tunnel between interior zone and municipal roads. In this zone, during the day time, the vision of a driver approaching the exit is influenced by brightness outside the tunnel.

The human eye can adapt itself almost instantly from low to high light levels. However, during night, street lighting outside the tunnel are required so that the drivers can see the different types of road markings and obstacles on the road outside the tunnel. Normally during the day time, the lighting level of the exit zone and entrance zone should be higher than interior zone of the tunnel. At night, on the contrary, the lighting level of the exit zone and entrance zone should be lower than interior zone of the tunnel. However when the outside of tunnel is illuminated by street lamps, the brightness of the road surface inside the tunnel should not be less than 2 times of the brightness of the external road.

Tunnel lighting during daytime and night
Tunnel lighting during daytime and night

ZGSM Tunnel Lighting Solution

Improved Safety with Bright, Effective Lighting

On a bright day, the sudden darkness that greets drivers as they approach a tunnel can make driving dangerous while they wait for their eyes to adjust. The probability of collisions is decreased and driver safety is increased when the tunnel is properly lit. With a colour rendering value of over 85, ZGSM Lighting is as close to natural sunshine as it is feasible to get in their class. Additionally, these lights provide brilliant illumination that accurately portrays colours thanks to their 140 Lumens per Watt output. The superior lighting makes tunnels more secure.

Shorter Closure Times Result from Longevity

Traffic jams are a given when it comes time to replace the lighting in the tunnels. Fewer times will you need to shut down traffic to change lights since ZGSM Lighting is among the most durable lighting alternatives. Additionally, ZGSM Lighting won’t need to be replaced for a significant number of illuminated hours due to its durable design, which can tolerate corrosion, heat, and moisture. Make the move to ZGSM Lighting to save time, money, and hassle with long-lasting lighting.

With LED luminaires from ZGSM, tunnels lighting can be more affordable

Over 80% more effective than conventional tunnel lights is ZGSM Lighting. Municipalities and companies that switch to ZGSM Lighting for their tunnel lighting will save on energy costs in addition to labour and money spent changing bulbs and lamps. This is an important benefit because tunnels need constant lighting.
Roadway tunnels, rail tunnels, underpasses, and any other type of tunnel requiring strong, clear illumination can all benefit from ZGSM Lighting. With the aid of ZGSM Lighting, choose the luminaires that are ideal for your requirements today and start saving.

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