Basketball Court Lighting

Introduction – The Best LED Lighting Solution for Basketball Courts

When it comes to basketball court lighting, it is essential to differentiate between indoor and outdoor settings. The ideal lighting for a basketball court is crucial for player performance, safety, and overall game experience. With the advent of LED technology, designing an effective LED lighting system for basketball courts has become more accessible and efficient. In this article, we will explore the key considerations for designing LED lighting systems for basketball courts and highlight the distinctive features that make LED basketball court lighting systems the top choice.

Basketball Court Lighting

Lighting standard of Indoor and Outdoor Basketball Court Lighting

Indoor and outdoor basketball courts have different lighting requirements due to varying environmental conditions. Indoor courts necessitate consistent lighting levels without being affected by factors like natural light. On the other hand, outdoor courts need to consider factors such as weather conditions, ambient lighting, and the presence of surrounding structures. It is crucial to choose flood lighting fixtures specifically designed for the intended location.

Outdoor Reference area Number of grid points
Length-m Width-m Length Width
Basketball PA 28 15 13 7
TA 32 19 15 9
Lighting class Horizontal illuminance RG Ra
Ehor Ave-lx U2 hor
I 500 0.7 55 70
II 200 0.6 55 60
III 75 0.5 55 60
According to Standard of EN 12193: 2018
Indoor Reference area Number of grid points
Length-m Width-m Length Width
Basketball PA 28 15 13 7
TA 32 19 15 9
Lighting class Horizontal illuminance RG Ra
Ehor Ave-lx U2 hor
I 750 0.7 35 80
II 500 0.7 40 60
III 200 0.5 40 60
a. No luminaires should be positioned in that part of the ceiling, which is above a 4 m diameter circle around the basket.
b. RG only applies for mounting heights above 10 m.
According to Standard of EN 12193: 2018

Key Factors to Consider in LED Basketball Court Lighting Design

  • Illumination requirements: The choice of lighting illumination for the basketball court is a priority factor that needs to be considered, which can ensure that the brightness of the court meets the needs of the game and the audience. Illumination requirements are affected by many factors, such as field size, competition level, professional level, etc. For details, please refer to the relevant standards of FIBA and ECS.
  • Lighting Uniformity: Achieving uniform lighting across the entire court ensures optimal visibility for players. Uniform lighting minimizes shadows and allows players to track the ball accurately and make precise movements.
  • Glare Control: Glare can be a significant issue, affecting player concentration and visual comfort. Implementing lighting fixtures with proper glare control technology ensures a glare-free environment, improving overall visibility and safety.
  • Flicker-Free Performance: Flickering lights can cause distractions and impact player performance. Selecting LED lighting systems with flicker-free performance guarantees a stable and consistent lighting experience, enabling players to focus entirely on the game.
  • Color Rendering: High color rendering index (CRI) is essential for accurate color perception on the court. LED lighting systems with a high CRI reproduce vibrant and true-to-life colors, enhancing the visual experience for players and spectators alike.
  • Energy Efficiency: LED lighting is renowned for its energy efficiency. Opting for energy-efficient LED basketball court lighting not only reduces operational costs but also contributes to sustainability efforts.
Layout of basketball court lighting
Layout of basketball court lighting

ZGSM's Distinctive Features of LED Basketball Court Lighting Systems

ZGSM offers comprehensive lighting services for basketball courts. Whether it's indoor or outdoor basketball facilities, we customize lighting solutions tailored to your specific court details, including information about the court and lighting support structures like lamp posts or ceiling systems provided by the client, as well as factors such as game levels. We adhere to EN12193 standards while creating a personalized lighting plan. Our services encompass lighting simulation, lamp pole design, installation framework, wattage recommendations for lighting fixtures, optic selections, quotation, transportation, installation guidance, and more. Below is the advantages of our flood lighting fixtures for basketball court lighting.

  • Adjustable Beam Angles: LED lighting systems for basketball courts offer different beam angles for option, ensuring precise illumination and optimal coverage. This feature eliminates dark spots and ensures uniform brightness throughout the court.
  • Long Lifespan: LED lights have a longer lifespan compared to traditional lighting options, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing maintenance costs.
  • Instant Start: LED lights provide instant illumination, eliminating any warm-up time and ensuring that the court is brightly lit as soon as the lights are turned on.
  • Dimming Capability: LED lighting systems often come with dimming capabilities, allowing for customized lighting levels based on specific game requirements or practice sessions.
  • Durability and Weather Resistance(high IP and IK rating): LED lighting fixtures designed for outdoor basketball courts are built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring consistent performance and longevity.

Selecting the right LED lighting system is paramount to achieving optimal lighting conditions for basketball courts. By considering factors such as lighting uniformity, glare control, color rendering, energy efficiency, and specific location requirements, basketball court owners and operators can provide players and spectators with an exceptional game experience. With their adjustable beam angles, long lifespan, instant start, and weather-resistant design, LED basketball court lighting systems offer a superior lighting solution that enhances performance, safety, and the overall enjoyment of the game. Taking a standard outdoor basketball court as an example, we use a four-pole light pole distribution for lighting planning. The following is the corresponding solution. If your basketball size, pole height and location, and lighting requirements are different, please contact ZGSM for a customized solution.

  • Basketball court with class I competition: we suggest 8pcs 240W and 4pcs 400W Zoom flood lights on 4 poles with 6 meters. And we got result Uh1=0.48, Uh2=0.72 and Eh ave=500 lux which all meet the requirement.
  • Basketball court with class II competition: we suggest 4pcs 150W and 4pcs 240W Zoom flood lights on 4 poles with 6 meters. And we got result Uh1=0.39, Uh2=0.63 and Eh ave=200 lux which all meet the requirement.
  • Basketball court with class III competition: we suggest 4pcs 150W Zoom flood lights on 4 poles with 6 meters. And we got result Uh1=0.38, Uh2=0.58 and Eh ave=84 lux which all meet the requirement.

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Basketball courts typically use LED flood lights or LED street lights due to their energy efficiency, durability, adjustable beam angles, and high color rendering index (CRI). Such as M high mast light, series zoom outdoor floodlights. They are the most used basketball court lights by customers. For more questions, you can consult our lighting experts.

The recommended light level for a basketball court is around 150 to 250 lux for recreational play and 300 to 500 lux for professional-level games.

Lights are typically installed above the court, evenly distributed to provide uniform lighting. They are strategically positioned to minimize shadows and ensure optimal visibility.


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