LED Flood Lights for Advertising Lighting

LED Flood Lights for Advertising Lighting

A variety of LED advertising lighting options are available from ZGSM Lighting, including brand-new LED billboard lighting fixtures and LED bulb retrofits for older fixtures. Due to their long lifespans, our LED billboard lights and fixtures may significantly save the expenses associated with lighting maintenance while consuming up to 80% less electricity than conventional solutions.
To satisfy your particular needs for LED billboard lighting, we also provide a variety of Kelvin temperatures (colours) for our billboard lights.

High-quality Illumination for Advertisements and Lower Lighting Expenses

The billboards are visible throughout the daytime when the sun and sky shine on them and reflect light off the surface.
The illumination of billboards at night requires outside light sources. For automobiles and pedestrians, good billboard lighting illuminates the sign, making the advertisement visible and simple to read.

Advertising Lighting

Advertising Lighting is difficult to achieve decent billboard illumination, though. The lighting on the billboard makes it look splotchy and difficult to read. In addition to the uniformity, the high mounting height of billboard lights makes maintenance challenging.

It is challenging to regularly access billboards to replace burned-out bulbs or carry out other sorts of maintenance because many of them are located in remote rural areas or hard-to-reach urban areas. The good news is that our LED billboard lighting fixtures and bulbs have an unusually long lifespan (ten years or more! ), which significantly decreases the requirement for maintenance on billboard lighting systems. This lowers labour expenses in addition to lowering costs related to buying replacement bulbs.

ZGSM Lighting is aware of the difficulties in lighting billboards, and we offer the finest solution with consistent illumination and minimal upkeep. Our advertising lighting fixtures, which differ from standard floodlights in that they have a specially constructed lens, can handle both tall and wide billboards while giving even lighting. These also give billboards an unmatched wash that makes them stand out.

Our luminaires are strong and long-lasting since they are made of superior die-casting material. To further safeguard the billboard lights against surges and nearby lightning strikes, our luminaires include surge protection. We will make suggestions based on our analysis of how to use our LED lighting products to lower your billboard lighting expenditures while maintaining brightness and enhancing dependability.

To help you better understand the advantages of switching to our LED billboard lights and/or LED retrofit bulbs for your current billboard lighting fixtures, our LED lighting specialists are happy to offer you a free billboard lighting audit, complete with cost-benefit and ROI analyses.

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