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Street Light Head Used In Seaside In Ecuador

Since the sea breeze is so corrosive, it is especially crucial to select materials that are resistant to corrosion when selecting lamp housing materials for street light head. ZGSM’s H LED street lamp housing offers exceptional corrosion resistance even when exposed for an extended period of time. In the sea breeze, it won’t rust or get harmed. The lighting infrastructure will be impacted by a lot of dust and sea breeze. The design of this casing, which successfully prevents sand and dust from entering the interior of the equipment and producing problems, was used to assure the normal operation of the lighting facilities. ZGSM’s street lights have received certification/report of IP66 protection class.

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Client Feedback In This Project

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
In order to update the road lighting in the coastal area, we selected H LED street lights as the lighting fixtures. We appreciate ZGSM Company’s professional service and technical assistance and are pleased with the performance and quality of this street light fixtures.
General Manager
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
We’re delighted we went with the LED street light from ZGSM for the lighting setup. This light may satisfy our needs and has the benefits of a seaside-specific coating, great light efficiency, and a long lifespan. The outcome is excellent and enhances both the aesthetics and safety of nighttime travel.
street lamp head

The Problem

  • Because seawater is so severely corrosive to street light head, street lighting facilities age and get damaged.
  • Sea air, sand, and dust degrade seaside street lighting structures, leading to issues including wear and weathering on the surfaces of the structures.
  • In order to prevent pollution and the effects of lighting facilities on the marine ecological environment, seaside lighting projects must adhere to environmental protection standards including dimming at midnight.

Customers from Ecuador locate ZGSM and expect that we can offer a practical lighting solution for the aforementioned issues.

The Solutions

The street light head’s shell is carefully painted for the beach because it is in a coastal area, and as a result, it performs well and resists corrosion from seawater. In addition, the anodized aluminum part of H series also has good corrosion resistance.
The series H modular street light has gaps between each module, which increases heat dissipation and eliminates the issue of dust deposition. Because weather and traffic conditions are unpredictable, it is necessary to modify the brightness and operating hours of the lights to suit the current circumstances. So H series with photocell and dimmable LED driver(timer dimming) makes it turn on/off or dimming accordingly.

project Details

Product Model CCT /Optics Quantity
Street Light Head ZGSM-LD135H 5700K, 1S 210pcs
led street light heads

The Result

Customers can choose from a range of solutions from ZGSM Lighting to suit their needs and application scenarios.
The lighting infrastructure for seashore roads in the aforementioned circumstances uses H LED street lights. High light output and long lifespan are two qualities of H LED street lights. The 5-year and 7-year warranties offered by ZGSM’s LED lamps can guarantee their long-term stability. It also offers a range of expansion options for intelligent control, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and consumption reduction, which can be used to satisfy various needs and application scenarios and significantly enhance the illumination of coastal roads and the safety of nighttime driving.

ZGSM offers comprehensive lighting solutions

For various scenarios including street lighting, urban lighting, highway lighting, parking lot lighting, stadium lighting, sports lighting, factory lighting, warehouse lighting, gas station lighting, and tunnel lighting. Our solutions are designed to provide efficient and reliable illumination, enhancing safety and visibility in these environments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you might have more questions, so here’s a list of the questions we get asked the most about Street Light Head.

This is so that maintenance and operating costs are reduced. Integrated LED street lights are more energy-efficient than other outdoor lighting. They can last 20 to 25 years and are actually 50% more efficient than conventional sodium street lights. Because of this, most people in the world are switching to LED outdoor lighting.

Sodium lamps emit light in all directions, whereas LED bulbs do not. When used as street lights, sodium lamps last longer than LED lights. While LED lamps offer substantial color benefits in street lighting, the visible spectrum of light from sodium lamps is virtually monochromatic.

Are pole lights, street lamps, and other types of lighting the same?
This light source may also be referred to as a street light, pole light, light post, or street lamp. Whatever name you give it, the light it emits ensures the safety of both motor vehicles and people in the dark.

The self-contained units known as light emitting diode (LED) modules are chains of LED emitters. They are the ideal lighting solution for a range of uses, including advertising and channel letters as well as tight spaces that are challenging to illuminate with conventional bulbs, lamps, or tubing.

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