Benefit of adjustable street light mounting bracket / street light clamp

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Street lights need to be installed on the poles to finally achieve lighting. We can see that there are many types of street light clamp. Some can be angled, while others cannot. For non-adjustable street light mounting bracket, it is usually necessary to be equipped with adapters to achieve vertical installation or angle adjustment. This article will focus on the street light clamp, including the advantages of adjustable angle installation adapter, and the improvement measures for the non-adjustable street light mounting bracket by installing adapters to achieve angle adjustment. I hope that through this article, we can better understand street light clamp, so as to choose the appropriate street light more wisely.

What is the adjustable street light mounting bracket / street light clamp?

The street light clamp is a key component to connect the streetlight head to the support poles, facilitating the installation and adjustment of the streetlight’s angle and direction. Used in the installation and adjustment of streetlight fixtures. It allows for flexible positioning of streetlights, ensuring optimal light projection. Made from durable materials like cast iron, aluminum alloy, it can withstand various weather conditions. The adjustable angle fitters are used in our H, K, HEVO, RIFLE, and FALCON series led street lights. Below are pictures:

Adjustable street light clamp

Benefitof street light with adjustable clamp

Street lighting plays a vital role in enhancing safety and visibility in urban areas. Traditional fixed-angle LED street lights, while effective, may not always provide optimal illumination and can contribute to light pollution. This is where the concept of adjustable angle street lighting comes into play, offering a range of advantages for cities and communities. The following are some of the main advantages of the adjustable street light clamp.

Lighting Effect Optimization:

Adjustable-angle streetlights can optimize lighting effects based on specific needs and environments. By adjusting the angle of the lights, it is possible to precisely direct illumination to the areas that require it most. Different types of urban roads, main thoroughfares, intersections, residential streets, and pedestrian zones all require different lighting solutions to enhance overall visibility and safety.

Adjustable-angle streetlights can fine-tune the intensity and light distribution of illumination to meet these specific requirements. For example, on winding roads, the lighting can be adjusted to accommodate curves, residential areas may require softer, warmer lighting, while major roads necessitate brighter, more focused illumination.

Uniform illumination is a key objective in street lighting design. It ensures that there are no excessively bright or shadowed areas, thereby enhancing safety and reducing the risk of accidents. Adjustable-angle streetlights enable city planners and lighting engineers to optimize the positioning and direction of the lights to achieve this uniformity, providing consistent visibility. Below are the lighting results in Dialux with tilt angle 15° and 0°.

Tilt angle of the street light spigot

Reduced Light Pollution

Light pollution is a growing concern in urban areas, where it affects the visibility of the sky at night and damages ecosystems. Adjustable angle street lights can point light more accurately to the ground by precisely adjusting the Angle of the street light and reducing the upward and surrounding scattering of light, reducing light pollution, making the night sky clearer and less disturbing to nocturnal wildlife.

Energy Conservation

Efficiency in energy consumption is another key advantage. Adjustable angle streetlights can adjust the angle of the street lamp to the optimal position,ensuring that the light from the street lamp illuminates the desired area more accurately, thus reducing energy waste. This targeted illumination reduces energy consumption while maintaining the desired level of lighting, resulting in cost savings for municipalities and a smaller carbon footprint.

Improved Safety

Adjustable angle street lighting contributes to increased safety for both motorists and pedestrians. The ability to tailor lighting to specific road conditions and areas enhances visibility, reducing the risk of accidents and crime in poorly lit areas. Safer streets create a more secure environment for residents and visitors alike.

The optimization of lighting efficiency directly contributes to improved safety and security. By tailoring the angle of streetlights to specific areas, hazards and potential blind spots can be eliminated. For instance, crosswalks, intersections and pedestrian areas are illuminated with high brightness to improve visibility for pedestrians and drivers and reduce the risk of accidents.

Vertical Pole Installation

Another benefit of adjustable Angle street lights is that they can be installed on vertical poles, suitable for narrow streets, alleys and pedestrian passages where horizontal poles may not be practical, and vertical poles can provide lighting in tight spaces.

Vertical and horizontal street light clamp

Flexibility in urban road lighting planning

Cities are constantly evolving, and their lighting needs change over time. Street lights with adjustable angles can flexibly adapt to these changes without having to replace lamps or undergo extensive rewiring. This adaptability simplifies urban planning efforts and can effectively respond to changing lighting needs.


Although the initial cost of adjustable angle street lights may be higher than that of traditional fixed-angle led street lights, by adjusting the installation angle with adjustable street light clamp, rationally distributing light, and avoiding excessive lighting, cities can reduce energy consumption and related costs. This not only saves money, but also lowers carbon emissions in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. In the long run, the long-term benefits often outweigh the initial investment due to more efficient lighting and lower energy consumption, which can bring cost benefits.

Non-adjustable angle remediation measures – Installation of adjustable adaptor

We can achieving adjustable Angles for Non-Adjustable Street Lights with adjustable street light clamp. In the field of urban lighting infrastructure, non-adjustable angle street lighting is a common lamp. These lamps have a fixed orientation, which limits their ability to provide optimal lighting. To address these limitations, a viable solution is to install adjustable adapters on the pole or arm to achieve adjustable angle and installation direction, which can solve problems such as light pollution and energy efficiency, and can also save the cost of replacing street lamps.

Street light adaptor mounting bracket

In conclusion, the design of street lamps with adjustable angles can provide better lighting effects, reduce light pollution, save energy and improve safety, so it is of great significance in urban planning and street lamp design. While the initial cost issue may be a consideration, the long-term benefits, in terms of energy savings, reduced light pollution and improved safety, make street lights with adjustable clamp a smart choice for urban and community lighting infrastructure.

Which street light of ZGSM lamps can be with adjusted installation angle?

H, K, HEVO, RIFLE, and FALCON series led street lights can all adjust the installation angle. Kmini, Kmini2, and NOVA series need to add an adjustable adapter to achieve angle adjustment.


This article mainly introduces the benefits of lighting fixture with adjustable street light clamp, as well as remedies for non-adjustable angles, and how to choose adjustable adapters. We can see that adjustable angle plays an important role in road lighting. It not only ensures that the lighting effect meets the requirements, but also helps save energy. In addition, it reduces glare, making pedestrians and vehicles safer to drive. Contact us for more information about adjustable angle street lights.


ZSGM is street light manufacturer, will provide matching street light arms and light pole installation brackets according to customer needs.
This part is used to assemble the led street light. The other end of the street light bracket arm is a bracket base. This light pole arm bracket base is fixed on the pole. The main raw material of the light pole bracket is steel tube and flat steel.

A street light clamp is used to secure streetlights to poles or structures, ensuring that they remain in position and continue to function properly.

To install a street light clamp, position it around the streetlight fixture and pole, and then tighten it using the provided hardware, which consists of bolts and nuts. To prevent movement or harm to the light fixture, ensure that it is snug.

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