Street Light Lamp

Street Light Lamp In Main Roads In Hangzhou

The street light lamp improvement project for a road illumination in Hangzhou utilises Meanwell LED drivers and Philips LEDs.
High-quality LED light beads are Philips LEDs. These LED lamp beads have a good luminous effect that can produce a clean, bright, and uniform lighting effect.
The maintenance costs and energy consumption of street lights can be significantly decreased because to the extended lifespan and excellent efficiency of Philips LEDs. In China, ZGSM is a facility that produces LED street lights and offers OEM services.

Client Feedback In This Project

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
For our streetlights, we installed Philips LEDs with Meanwell LED drivers, and we discovered significant electricity bill savings while getting excellent lighting. Thanks to ZGSM Lighting, our city now has new street lights that are extremely well-liked by its residents and provide a better nighttime view.
Zhao Wei
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Because of its great quality and dependability, we decided to upgrade our street lights with ZGSM, and thus far, it has been working well. In addition, ZGSM offers first-rate after-sales support, making it simpler for us to maintain the street light system. We appreciate ZGSM’s great products and services and are extremely happy with this improvement.
Zeng Ming
led street light 50w price

The Problem

There were numerous issues with street lighting prior to the replacement of Meanwell LED drivers and Philips LEDs.
First of all, certain road sections have blind areas due to inadequate illumination brightness, making it difficult for pedestrians or vehicles to cross without incident.
Second, the street light Lamp constantly need to be repaired and replaced due to malfunctions. Additionally, ageing LED lighting use a lot of electricity, wasting energy and driving up costs.
Third, the light colour is uneven and certain sections are very dark, which has an impact on the comfort and attractiveness of the surrounding area.

The Solutions

This road section’s street light lamp upgrading project employed Meanwell LED drivers to supply reliable power and Philips LEDs to replace the old lamp beads in order to improve the illumination effect.

project Details

Product Model CCT /Optics Quantity
Street Light Lamp ZGSM-LD165H 5700K,1M 122pcs

Products Used


street light 50 watt

The Result

The performance of the complete street lighting system has substantially improved with the adoption of these high-quality LED components, and it has also assisted the local administration in lowering energy consumption and maintenance expenses.

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