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LED Outdoor Street Light In Basketball Court In Hangzhou

ZGSM’s H series 240W asymmetrical spectrum led outdoor street light was chosen as the lighting fixture for the project to light up the basketball court at the elementary school. This style of street light has qualities that result in low glare and good uniformity. It can successfully lessen the effect of glare on players and spectators while still meeting lighting regulations. ZGSM street lights can not only provide better lighting than the 1000W MH lights that were previously in use, but they can also use less energy and cost less to maintain.

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Client Feedback In This Project

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Finally, brand-new lighting has been installed, and it looks fantastic on the basketball court at our elementary school. The players adore the new lighting because it makes the pitch feel more professional than it did previously. We are incredibly appreciative of ZGSM for giving us such superior training and competing environments.
Cheng Jinping
School Headmaster
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
The new lighting for the basketball court is fantastic! The athletes’ performances are improving steadily, and there is no discomfort to the eyes while training. The new lights let me see my motions and talents more clearly, which boosts my confidence and sharpens my focus. It feels great!
Chen Kai
Student Council President
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The Problem

  • Insufficient lighting: Due to the basketball court’s lack of adequate lighting, the venue is poorly lit at night, which has an impact on the players’ performance.
  • Potential safety risks: The area around the basketball court may have some dark corners that could result in falls or collisions.
  • Visual fatigue: If the lighting on the field is too bright or the bulbs are not up to code, it could wear out the players’ eyesight and influence how well they play the game.

The Solutions

In this lighting project, care should be taken to select led outdoor street light that are appropriate for various settings in order to ensure that there is enough brightness and comfort while minimising the effects of glare and light pollution. The customer ultimately decided to use ZGSM’s H series 240W asymmetrical spectrum street light after numerous evaluations and sample confirmations.

project Details

Product Model CCT /Optics Quantity
led outdoor street light ZGSM-LD240H5 4000K, 3M 16pcs
street light outdoor

The Result

A tweak in the lighting on the basketball floor has had a lot of beneficial effects. First, led outdoor street light enhances the gaming experience for players. The accuracy and calibre of the game are enhanced because of the clarity with which students can view the field and the ball. Second, enhanced security is another noteworthy outcome. Greater security is provided during sports and events thanks to brighter illumination that gives management teams and spectators a clearer view of the pitch and game. Finally, improved lighting enhances the venue’s beauty at night. Brighter and uniform lighting made the stadium and its surroundings more vibrant and lively, which in turn helped to draw more attention to the venue and boost its use.

ZGSM offers comprehensive lighting solutions

For various scenarios including street lighting, urban lighting, highway lighting, parking lot lighting, stadium lighting, sports lighting, factory lighting, warehouse lighting, gas station lighting, and tunnel lighting. Our solutions are designed to provide efficient and reliable illumination, enhancing safety and visibility in these environments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you might have more questions, so here’s a list of the questions we get asked the most about led outdoor street light.

For a variety of reasons, LEDs are the ideal option for outdoor lighting. Benefits of outdoor LED lighting include: Whiter light: Compared to typical halide street lamps, LEDs produce a whiter light that helps to better illuminate streets, walkways, and parking lots. Longer lifespan: The lifespan of an LED can reach 50,000 hours, depending on usage.

Simply put, no. LEDs are increasingly used for outdoor lighting instead of filament bulbs, which use more energy. These require very little maintenance, and even a sizable outdoor LED garden light display would cost less to run for a month than the average fast food lunch.

An integrated light that uses light emitting diodes (LED) as its light source is referred to as an LED street light. Since the luminaire and the fixture are frequently not independent components, these lights are referred to as integrated lights.

A LED driver is located underneath the light source. LEDs are driven by an LED driver at the proper voltage and current. By changing the mains voltage from AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current), the LED driver protects the output current.

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