Canopy Lights LED for Area lighting

Modular Design

Canopy Lights LED are energy-efficient, long-lasting lighting products for a wide range of applications, both indoors and outdoors. They are energy efficient and long lasting, making them a cost-effective option for illuminating large areas such as parking lots or outdoor walkways. Available in a variety of color temperatures and beam angles, LED canopy lights can be customized to meet your specific lighting needs. Compared to traditional metal halide or fluorescent lamps, LED canopy lights use less power and are more energy efficient, saving energy and operating costs.

Customize Canopy Lights LED To Meet Your Specific Needs

Before purchasing Canopy Lights LED, you can explain the lighting installation environment to our sales staff, and ZGSM, as a professional LED lighting manufacturer, can design a free lighting simulation for you based on the lighting requirements you need. Whether it is the wattage of the fixture, color temperature, color, or bezel size, we can customize it for you. The professional after-sales team escorts the product quality, thank you for your purchase.

Series A Canopy Lights LED for Area lighting

The A series canopy lights LED is equipped with modular design, good heat dissipation, easy to maintain and upgrade, Philips LED and Meanwell LED driver, high luminous efficiency, long life, embedded installation, suitable for places with canopy, such as gas stations, stations, toll stations, etc. LED canopy light can be used with a spherical or oval lens and shell to achieve a multi-directional, wide range of irradiation, lighting uniform illumination balanced, no dark corners, no repeated Blind area, no glare, and a strong sense of comfort. High color temperature color reproduction is good, in irradiation object color reproduction to achieve optimal.

  • 40 watts to 200 watts
  • Light Efficiency up to 145lm/w
  • Full white color body
  • IP66&IK10
  • Special module design easy for maintenance
  • Customized frame is available
  • Recessed mounting
  • CE, ROHS certified
  • Smart Control: 1-10V dimming, DALI control

High protection grade

The high level of protection allows the lamps to be used in harsh environments with confidence.

Modular Design

Modular Design

Modular design is easy to maintain. If one module is damaged, the rest of the LED modules can still work.

Smart Control

Smart Control

By adding smart accessories can achieve intelligent control of the lamps and save costs.

Customized frame

Customized frame

Customers can customize the frame size of the LED canopy light according to the actual installation environment.

Product Parameters

Series No Series A
Power 40W,50W,60W,80W,100W,120W,150W,180W,200W
Efficacy 135-145lm/W
Input Voltage 100-240/277 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Power Factor >0.95
Surge Protection 10KV (Build-in Driver)
IP Rating IP66
IK Rating IK10
CCT 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K
CRI Ra>70 (Default) / Ra>80
Operating Temperature -40°C to + 50°C
Beam Angle 110°
Mounting Option Recessed mounting
Warranty 5 Years
Certification CE, CB, ROHS, ATEX, LM79, LM80, LM82, LM84, TM-21, ISTMT, IEC62471/62788
Control DALI Dimmable, Non-Dimmable, 1-10V Dimmable

Why Choose gas station Canopy Lights LED From ZGSM Lighting?

Each of our leaders in R&D dept, quality dept, production dept, and sales dept has more than 12-20 year-experience in LED lighting Fifield, who can provide effective LED lighting solutions quickly and professionally.

Cost-Effective Products: We have always been committed to the pursuit of the best ratio of quality and price, to provide customers with the most cost-effective products.

Products Certificate: ZGSM has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and ISO50001 international quality and environmental management system certificates. And most of the products have passed certificates of CE, UL, RoHS, CB, ENEC, SAA, DLC, etc. by TUV SUD.

Fast Delivery: Our regular delivery time is generally within 3 days for samples and 2-3 weeks for bulk orders.

Certification Exhibition

The ZGSM ATEX approved Recessed Canopy Light is specifically engineered to cater to the lighting needs of gas stations and petrol stations. With a power range of 40w to 240w, it effectively fulfills the requirements of most gas station lighting applications. The ATEX certification guarantees the safety of these lamps when used in inflammable and explosive environments. This LED Canopy Light is equipped with innovative lenses, specifically designed to provide uniform distribution of light both vertically and horizontally. It effectively eliminates glare, making it ideal for low mounting height applications such as parking structures. By delivering effective light levels, it ensures that your parking area is adequately illuminated.

Series A Canopy Lights LED Application

Series A Canopy Lights LED Application

Canopy lights LED are widely used lighting equipment, suitable for various indoor and outdoor places, can provide efficient and energy-saving lighting solutions, and better serve people’s life and work. It can be used indoors as parking lot lights, warehouse lighting, industrial lighting, and commercial lighting, as well as outdoors as gas station lights, aisle lighting, and area lighting.

Application Scenario

  • Gas station
  • Warehouse
  • Logistic hall
  • Toll station
  • Exhibition center
  • Workshop

More Project Case

More Applications


LED Canopy Lights are energy-efficient lighting fixtures designed for outdoor and covered areas like gas stations, parking garages, and building entrances. They provide high-quality illumination while reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

LED Canopy Lights offer several advantages, including energy efficiency, longer lifespan, reduced maintenance requirements, instant illumination, better light distribution, and the potential for smart control and dimming options.

LED Canopy Lights use significantly less energy compared to traditional lighting technologies. Their advanced design and technology produce more light output per watt, leading to lower electricity consumption and reduced utility bills.

The optimal installation height for LED Canopy Lights depends on the specific model and intended application. Generally, they are mounted at heights ranging from 8 to 15 feet for optimal illumination and coverage.

LED Canopy Lights are known for their low maintenance requirements. Thanks to their long lifespan and durable construction, they typically require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning of the fixture and occasional inspection for dirt or debris accumulation can help maintain their performance.

 Build and Price Your Own LED Canopy Lights

Please complete the form to receive a customized quote for LED canopy lights. Let us know your lighting requirements, application, budget, etc. ZGSM offers customizable LED canopy lights, and our lighting experts provide free design solutions with no minimum order quantity.


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