Cobra head street light for solar street light system in Mexico

Cobra head street light for solar street light system in Mexico

The installation of a Cobra head street light in a suburban factory was completed in 2018. The K series cobra head LED street light is used as the street head of the solar street lamp system. It is made of die-cast aluminum housing, which is durable. Solar street lights are suitable for installation in areas without power or inconvenient transportation, such as highways, urban roads, communities, parks, parking lots, docks, and other places. It provides green, environmental protection, efficient, and convenient street lighting solutions.

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5 star rating
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ZGSM is a professional factory, highefficiency, reliable quality and service.
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5 star rating
By upgrading the lighting by installing solar-powered LED luminaires, the new lighting system not only improves safety but also reduces energy consumption and carbon footprint.
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The Problem

  • The road near the new factory has no street lighting, which brings inconvenience to workers and vehicles.
  • The new factory has no street lighting, the company’s personal safety and property security can not be guaranteed during night.
  • The suburban electricity system is not perfect, solar street lamps are more suitable for installation than ordinary street lamps.
  • The installation of ordinary street lamps requires laying cables, circuits and large investment, while the installation of solar street light doesn’t.

The Solutions

In this project, the K-series Cobra head street light, battery, panel, controller, lamp pole, cable, and other components constitute a complete solar street light system, without laying cables, lines, and other equipment, more simple and convenient installation and debugging. Not only to meet the lighting needs of customers but also to avoid the cost of electricity consumption. K series outdoor led cobra head is made of die-cast aluminum, corrosion resistance, and high stability. Tool-free open design, easy installation, and maintenance. Professional lens design, uniform light distribution, and less glare.

project Details

Product Model CCT/ Optics Quantity
60w Cobra head street light ZGSM-LD60KM 6500K, 3M 18pcs
Cobra head street light for solar street light system in Mexico-3

The Result

Solar street lamp system is an efficient, environmentally friendly, and safe street light lighting solution, suitable for installation in many places, to provide better public facilities for society. Choose a suitable lamp head to improve the efficiency(efficiency >150lm/W) of the whole lighting system. In addition, the solar street light with customized dimming profiles can saving the energy of battery during night which is more eco-friendly. The customer was very satisfied with the ZGSM street lamp, which not only solved the lighting problem for him but also saved a lot of electricity.

ZGSM offers comprehensive lighting solutions

For various scenarios including street lighting, urban lighting, highway lighting, parking lot lighting, stadium lighting, sports lighting, factory lighting, warehouse lighting, gas station lighting, and tunnel lighting. Our solutions are designed to provide efficient and reliable illumination, enhancing safety and visibility in these environments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you might have more questions, so here’s a list of the questions we get asked the most about Cobra head street light.

Although they can be used for other general area illumination, cobra head LED street lights are exterior lamps mounted to poles that are mostly used for lighting streets and roadways. The LED lighting technology has been updated to its recognizable “cobra head” appearance, which has been in use for decades.

Street lights rely on light-emitting diode (LED), incandescent, high-pressure sodium, low-pressure sodium, mercury vapor, metal halide, and high-intensity discharge (HID) bulb technology to provide the appropriate amount, color, and temperature of light for a specific application.

A lighting option known as a solar street light system uses solar energy to power street lights. It is made up of LED (Light Emitting Diode) street lights, solar panels, a battery to store the energy produced, and a charge controller to govern how the battery is charged and discharged.

The solar panels collect the daytime sun’s energy and transform it into electricity, which charges the battery. The charge controller makes sure that the battery doesn’t get overcharged or over-discharged. The LED street lights are powered by the battery’s stored energy during the night to illuminate the streets and public spaces.

Solar street light systems come with a number of benefits. They are energy-efficient and independent of the grid, which lowers carbon emissions and energy expenses. Additionally, they operate independently of the power grid, making them appropriate for rural locations or those with erratic electricity supplies. Additionally, by providing lighting in places that would be dark otherwise, they can help to increase safety and security.

A solar street light system’s size and design are influenced by things like the location, the desired light output, and the number of operating hours. In order to guarantee the system’s best performance and dependability, these elements must be taken into account.

They are frequently used in conjunction with other traffic safety tools to improve the visibility of tools, obstacles, or dimly lit public spaces. The main purpose of street lights is to provide illumination to locations or objects that would otherwise be dark and difficult to see at night.

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