Wide-ranging outdoor applications of LED Floodlights

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What’s LED Floodlights?

Conventional floodlights can illuminate large spaces. It produces bright light and a wider beam angle. It is usually used in areas that require artificial lighting, such as landscape lighting, commercial area lighting, industrial area lighting, intersection lighting, etc. They can be found in any large space you can imagine.

Thanks to the rapid development of LED technology and the characteristics of point light sources, we can change the light distribution of LED floodlights through lenses to achieve more types such as stadium lights, spotlights, street lights, wall washers, wall lights, etc., to meet more different lighting places such as: roads, shops, landscapes, ports and stadiums and other lighting purposes.

Application of LED Floodlights

ZGSM equips LED floodlights with a structurally flexible mounting bracket and extension accessories, which can be adjusted according to specific installation needs to meet various installation conditions such as wall installation, boom installation and cantilever installation. This design provides more convenience for different scenarios and different types of application requirements.

Landscape and Architectural Lighting Applications

Landscape and architectural lighting are the most common application places for LED floodlights. Using a lens with a small beam angle can make the floodlights achieve the effect of spotlights to meet the concentrated lighting of key areas.

Illuminate the appearance of buildings: LED floodlights can provide high-brightness lighting, which can improve the appearance of buildings and enhance their attractiveness.

Key areas: LED floodlights can highlight the outline of buildings through different light distribution and color temperature, making them more eye-catching at night.

Lighting landscape elements: LED floodlights can be used to illuminate scenic spots, such as statues, billboards, trees, stages, etc., to enhance their ambiance.

High Bay Lighting Applications

In areas with large spaces such as factories, barns, warehouses, theaters, and lecture halls, our flood light can act us high bay light to provide bright lighting effects, filling the entire area with light, and improving the comfort of working and resting. The feature of wide-angle lighting can evenly distribute light in the space without uneven brightness, ensuring the consistency of lighting effects in the entire area.

The advantages of high light efficacy can save a lot of power consumption and reduce energy costs. ZGSM’s LED floodlights can last up to 100,000 hours, reducing the frequency of replacing light sources and maintenance costs. The durable aluminum alloy shell material and tempered glass lampshade have a high protection level and can adapt to various working environments.

Construction Site Lighting Application

During building construction, high-efficiency LED floodlights are used to illuminate the construction site, providing enough light to enable construction workers to conduct precise operations and inspections. The all-metal structure makes it reach IK08, which is very durable, and it is not easy to be damaged even if the installation location is changed frequently or encounters collisions. The waterproof effect of IP66 level is enough to ensure that it can resist various harsh weathers during the service life.

Road Lighting Application

Floodlights can achieve the same effect as professional street lights by choosing street light distribution and a simple adapter. This is because road and street lighting requires a specific light distribution curve so that the lighting effect can meet the relevant requirements of EN13201. ZGSM LED floodlights have suitable lenses for road lighting applications. With the corresponding mounting brackets, the floodlights can be installed on light poles, which is very convenient.

Sports Lighting Application

High-power LED floodlights are often used in sports venues, football fields, tennis courts and other outdoor venues to provide sufficient light illumination. Low and medium power LED floodlights can be used in areas such as playgrounds and outdoor venues. ZGSM’s LED floodlights have many advantages in the application of sports lighting systems.

First of all, we use LED chips with high light efficiency and high CRI to ensure that the athletes and spectators in the stadium can clearly observe the content of the game to improve the enjoyment of the game. Secondly, through the self-designed light distribution lens and lighting simulation software, the light can be evenly distributed throughout the stadium to ensure uniform lighting throughout the stadium and reduce lighting in dark areas.

LED Floodlights

What Are The Advantages of LED Floodlights Produced by ZGSM?

High brightness: LED floodlights have high light efficiency, can provide bright and uniform lighting effects, and can meet the lighting needs of different scenes.

More light distribution: According to specific lighting needs, through reasonable lighting arrangement and lighting design, to ensure the maximum use of light.

Energy saving and environmental protection: ZGSM LED floodlights use high-efficiency LED chips, which have lower energy consumption than ordinary LED lighting manufacturers, which can save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Long lifespan: The warranty of ZGSM LED floodlights is generally 5 years, and the service life is 100,000 hours based on 70% light decay. Compared with ordinary LED lighting manufacturers, it has a longer life span, reducing the frequency of replacing lamps and maintenance costs.

Case Studies of Different Projects with Floodlights

In Spain, we installed the ZGSM-FL07-240L floodlight for parking lot of 4S dealership. Its power is 240W, and ZGSM’s unique T3S55006 light distribution lens is applied. We fixed it on the light pole with a hoop. When the night comes, the parking lot is very bright and has very good uniformity.

In Ecuador, we designed a lighting system for a station, which is composed of 80 240W ZGSM-FGD240H. It is worth noting that the power supply of this station is 347V. We can see that in such an empty space, the fence, signage, driveway and even the roof are brightly and clearly illuminated.

In Bulgaria, we installed 150 sets of 150W ZGSM-FGD150H5B for a factory that produces plastic pipes. After the installation of this factory equipment is completed, it will occupy most of the position between the support and the wall, so we use the feature that the floodlight can adjust the elevation angle. It is installed on both sides, which can greatly improve the utilization rate of light and make it easier to maintain. According to the lighting on site, we can clearly see every detail, which is enough to prove that the effect of this project is very good.

In the Czech Republic, we used a simple hoop to fix the floodlight on the concrete light pole, which can greatly save the cost of installation and maintenance. This installation method can be used as a street light as long as the light-emitting surface is facing down.

In France, we selected the ZGSM-FGD200H5B floodlight for our client. We have matched the 5000K+3000K mixed color temperature light source of RA80, RA80 will help restore the original color of the flower, the 5000K light source can make the color more realistic, and the 3000K light source can enhance the warm atmosphere in the room. We subtly blend these light sources together to create a natural and soft light. Whether it is flowers or green leaves, the colors are very well restored, making everything look so vibrant.


This article introduces that ZGSM LED floodlights can be reasonably applied in various places by changing the lens, elevation angle and adding some accessories, so as to achieve bright, clear and comfortable lighting effects. For engineering companies, multi-purpose LED floodlights can reduce the cost of purchasing and maintaining different types of lamps.

Adjust the lighting effect according to different scenes and needs. Customers can adjust the power, lens and installation method of the lamps according to their needs to meet different lighting needs. You only need to master the installation and use method of one lamp, which reduces learning costs and repeated work. ZGSM LED flood lighting can provide efficient, beautiful and reliable lighting for any style (European and Chinese, traditional and modern) usage environment. And famous for high light efficiency, long life, durable, dimmable, we will be your most reliable lighting partner.

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