Key Factors in LED Gas Station Lighting Projects


Lighting requirements for Gas Stations

With the continuous development of society, gas station has become an indispensable part of people’s lives. Gas station is a place that needs to operate 24 hours a day, so the energy consumption of lighting is very large, gas station lighting should consider energy saving, in order to reduce energy consumption, you can use LED Gas Station Lighting, because LED lamps and lanterns energy efficiency than the traditional lamps and lanterns more than 50% higher, and the life expectancy is also longer. And the lighting standards of gas stations are getting more and more attention. In order to ensure the operational safety of gas stations and customer experience, gas station lighting standards need to meet the following 5 requirements.

1. Lighting intensity should be not less than 150lux to ensure that all areas of the station are adequately illuminated.
2. Lighting uniformity should be no less than 0.7 to avoid uneven light and dark conditions.
3. Lighting color temperature should be controlled at about 4000K to make customers feel comfortable in the gas station.
4. The lighting source should be LED and other energy efficient light sources to save energy and reduce operating costs.

Application Reference plane Eav (lux) Uniformity (Emin/Eave) CCT CRI Lighting power density (LPD)
Working area of gas station Floor 150-200 ≥0.6 4000K±200 80 8-10
Working area of gas station Surface of gasoline pump ≥75 ≥0.7 4000K±200 80 8-10
Near working area Floor 50-100 ≥0.4 4000K±200 80 8-10

5. The lighting system should be equipped with safety protection measures such as explosion-proof and water-proof to cope with dangerous situations that may occur in the gas station.

Especially explosion-proof measures, the LED Gas Station Lighting must be explosion-proof lamps, and the lamps should reach the IIC class.

LED Gas Station Lighting

What is ATEX explosion protection certification?

ATEX certification is the European standard system for evaluating and certifying the explosion protection performance of products and equipment. ATEX" stands for "ATmosphères EXplosibles" (explosive atmospheres). The certification applies to equipment and products used in potentially explosive gases, vapors, liquids or dusts and ensures that they will not cause a fire or explosion when used in these hazardous environments.

ATEX certified for canopy light

Why we should pay attention to these factors?

We all know it's impossible to answer a phone call at a gas station, and even if you make a call while your cell phone is turned on, it could cause some safety incidents, so it's important to turn off your cell phone at a gas station. Why? Since the air in the gas station is full of liquefied gas molecules, it is likely to cause an explosion if it encounters an electric spark.

As petrol stations are flammable and explosive locations, the risk of fire and explosion in potentially explosive environments is very high and can lead to loss of life, injury to staff, customers or the public, and damage to property if appropriate explosion protection measures are not taken. ATEX certification ensures that equipment and products will not cause a fire or explosion when operated in these environments. Installing LED explosion-proof lights in petrol stations is therefore an essential part of a safe environment, providing illumination for the day-to-day work of the station and for passing vehicles.

ZGSM solution for LED Gas Station Lighting

ZGSM's gas station explosion-proof lamps are made of environmentally friendly and energy-saving high quality LED lamp beads, designed and manufactured with explosion-proof requirements in mind, with advanced explosion-proof technology to reduce the risk of ignition and explosion, and do the relevant European explosion-proof standard certification.

LED Gas Station Lighting also have high requirements on the usage time. ZGSM products not only have excellent quality, 5 years warranty, protection class IP66 and high safety factor, but also have a service life of up to 100000H. We use die-casting aluminum as the lampshade, and high hardness toughened glass as the cover, so that the product has excellent safety, effectively ensuring the safety of the gas station and the needs of the daily work lighting.

In order to meet the lighting needs of different gas stations, ZGSM has designed three different mounting methods, surface mount, recessed mount and bracket mount. They are simple to maintain, easy to operate and very low cost, details can be seen in the picture below:

Let’s share a case from a ZGSM customer: This case describes the completion of a gas station lighting project in Malaysia, which was successfully completed in 2021 and adopted ZGSM’s latest Primo LED Gas Station Lighting. This case is described in more detail below.

ZGSM Led Canopy Light

Project Overview: This project is located in Malaysia and is a lighting upgrade project for a gas station. Lighting plays a vital role in the safety and operation of gas stations, so ZGSM’s Primo LED luminaires were chosen to provide a more efficient, brighter, and more energy-saving lighting solution.

Project completion time: Completed in 2021, the project marks a modern improvement designed to improve visibility and safety at the gas station.

ZGSM's Primo range of LED petrol station lamps is an advanced lighting solution that not only meets explosion-proof requirements, but also offers a number of benefits. By using ZGSM's Primo LED luminaires, this Malaysian LED filling station lighting project realized several significant benefits.

1. Energy saving: LED luminaires are more energy efficient than traditional lighting fixtures (such as fluorescent or tungsten lamps), reducing energy consumption. LED lamps do not generate excess heat, so they convert electricity into light more efficiently, reducing energy wastage.

2. Long life and low maintenance costs: LED gas station lighting typically have a long life span of tens of thousands of hours, far longer than traditional lighting. This means less frequent replacement of fixtures and maintenance, which reduces maintenance costs and downtime.

3. High brightness and quality illumination: LED fixtures provide bright, even illumination that improves visibility and enhances safety at gas stations. In addition, LED fixtures are often dimmable, allowing the brightness to be adjusted as needed.

4. Instant start-up and stability: LED luminaires reach full brightness almost immediately upon start-up, requiring no warm-up time. They are also less susceptible to temperature changes and are able to maintain a stable level of illumination in a variety of environmental conditions.

5. Environmentally friendly features: LED luminaires do not contain harmful substances such as mercury and have a relatively low carbon footprint during production and use. This helps to reduce the negative impact of gas stations on the environment.

6. Explosion-proof performance: Designed for use in hazardous environments, LED explosion-proof luminaires have explosion-proof performance that reduces the risk of fire and explosion, making them particularly suitable for flammable and explosive locations such as gas stations.

LED gas station light


Gas stations are public service areas that operate around the clock, so they have high lighting requirements. In order to enhance the customer's experience at the gas station, our LED gas station lighting systems play a key role. Prominent lighting not only attracts the driver's attention, but also provides a pleasant environment for their stay.

However, unsuitable LED gas station lighting fixtures can lead to glare issues, especially for drivers who have just pulled into a gas station from a dark road. Not only is this unpleasant, but it can also be potentially dangerous. Therefore, a high-quality lighting system is essential.

Gas stations not only require a certain level of illumination at night and good uniformity of illumination, but must also meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, as well as a certain degree of ornamental properties. Our ZGSM LED Gas Station Lighting not only provide excellent lighting effect, but also improve the driver's sense of security.

The humanized appearance design reflects the aesthetic requirements of modern industrial lighting fashion and the concept of full harmony of humanity and nature into one. Therefore, we strongly recommend the use of ZGSM LED Gas Station Lighting to provide a safer and more comfortable use of the environment, improve customer satisfaction, increase business, and improve the efficiency of the staff. ZGSM explosion-proof lights are a good choice for gas stations not only in terms of appearance or quality.


To increase safety by ensuring customers and employees can navigate safely, increase vehicle visibility, and deter criminal activity, gas stations have adequate lighting. Additionally, they should be brilliant enough to illuminate their products on the shelves, and spotlights can be used to highlight promotions.

The most apparent benefit of LED Gas Station Lighting and fueling stations is reduced energy consumption. On average, LED lighting is up to 70% more efficient than traditional lighting alternatives such as fluorescent, HID, and mercury vapor lamps.

The majority of gas station lighting fixtures are mounted 15 feet or higher. Traditional illumination has an average lifespan of 7,500 to 10,000 hours, while LED lamps have an average lifespan of 100,000 hours and require no maintenance or replacement parts for years. This dramatic reduction in the frequency of maintenance for LED illumination reduces the station's annual operating expenses and increases its return on investment.

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