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With the deepening development of LED technology, an increasing number of lighting products are using LEDs as light sources. Especially in the field of outdoor lighting, high-power LED products have become the market’s mainstay. However, as the application of LED fixtures increases, so does the number of failures caused by lightning surges affecting outdoor LED fixtures.

According to surveys, most damaged outdoor LED fixtures within their normal service life fail due to overvoltage caused by lightning surges affecting both the fixture’s power supply and LED light source. This not only affects the lifespan of the fixture but also increases maintenance costs for businesses. Given this situation, sufficient attention should be paid to enhancing the ability of outdoor LED fixtures to withstand lightning surges.

SPD for street light

What is SPD?

Surge protective devices, also known as surge protectors or surge suppressors, which are electronic devices that provide safety protection for various electronic equipment, instruments, and communication lines. When there is a sudden surge of current or voltage in the power circuit or communication line due to external interference, surge protectors can quickly conduct and divert the surge, thereby avoiding damage to other devices in the circuit.

The working principle of SPD

SPD (Surge Protective Device) is a device used to protect electrical equipment from voltage surges. Its working principle is based on several key aspects:

Voltage monitoring: SPD can monitor voltage changes in the circuit. When the voltage exceeds the set threshold, SPD will activate its protection mechanism.

Current diversion: Once SPD detects a voltage surge, it provides a low impedance path to absorb the energy of the surge. This redirects the excess voltage to ground or other acceptable paths, preventing damage to the equipment.

Impedance matching: SPD are typically composed of components with special electrical characteristics, such as metal oxide varistors (MOV). These components quickly transition into a low impedance state when a voltage surge occurs, directing the excess voltage to ground.

Overvoltage protection level: SPD are usually classified based on their ability to handle peak overvoltages and current capacity. It is important to select an appropriate SPD based on specific requirements in order to protect electrical equipment.

Why is it essential to incorporate SPD for street lights into outdoor Street lighting fixtures?

LED Street lights need to install Surge Protective Devices (SPD for street light) for the following reasons:

1. Lightning protection: LED street lights exposed to outdoor environments are susceptible to lightning strikes. The overvoltage generated by lightning strikes can instantly damage the circuit of the streetlight LED, and even cause fires. Installing a Surge Protective Device (SPD) can effectively prevent overvoltage from damaging the street light and protect its normal operation.

2. Protection of electronic components: LED street lights are very sensitive to electronic components (such as LED chips, power suppliers, etc.) in terms of overvoltage. Even a slight exceedance of the rated voltage can lead to component burnout. SPD for street light (SPD) can protect the electronic components in street lights from damage caused by overvoltage by limiting the amplitude and duration of the overvoltage.

3. Extended lifespan: The lifespan of LED street light is usually shorter than that of indoor ones, mainly due to the impact of overvoltage. Overvoltage can lead to aging and damage of internal electronic components, thus shortening the service life of the fixture. Installing SPD for street light can effectively extend the lifespan of lighting fixtures and reduce replacement and maintenance frequency.

4. Personal safety protection: Overvoltage not only poses a threat to lighting fixtures themselves but also endangers personal safety. When a fixture is subjected to an overvoltage shock, it may generate arcs and sparks, leading to fires or electrical accidents. Installing SPD can reduce these risks and improve personal safety.

In summary, installing SPD for street light can effectively protect led street light from lightning strikes and overvoltages while extending their lifespan and enhancing personal safety.

Wire connection of surge protection device in street light

Warranty Issue with SPD Failure

We place great emphasis on the quality of our products, ensuring that every surge protector undergoes rigorous inspection and testing. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality surge protectors that meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We utilize advanced technology and materials to ensure that each surge protector delivers outstanding performance and reliability. We also collaborate with reliable suppliers to ensure that the materials and components we use adhere to the highest quality standards.

Whether it’s in design, manufacturing, or after-sales service, we strictly adhere to a quality management system to ensure that every surge protector meets or exceeds customer expectations. Our goal is to become one of the industry’s top providers of high-quality surge protectors while delivering exceptional products and services to our customers.

Under normal circumstances, surge protectors are considered consumables and typically do not come with warranties. This is because their primary function is to provide protection during sudden changes in current flow, which can potentially damage the surge protector itself. Therefore, long-term warranties are not suitable for this type of product.

If you have specific warranty requirements for your surge protector, we recommend contacting us before making a purchase so that we can discuss our warranty policy and any possible flexibility in negotiations.

  Nominal input voltage(Un)(Vac) Max.Continuous Operating Volate(Uc)(Vac) Protection level Up(L-N)(Kv) Protection level Up(LN-GND)(Kv) Nominal surge current(In)(Ka) Maximum surge current Imax(Ka) Open circuit voltage(Uoc)(Kv) Response Time(ns)
A - Class I 277 320 ≤ 2 ≤ 2.5 5; 10 10 <100
  Rated Current(Ir)(A) External overcurrent protection(A) Min.number of surges, nominal current Number of surges, maximum current Lifetime @ Tc life, 90% survivals,(hours) Insulation, classification Rating Application
A - Class I 10 15 100 strikes at 3kA, 50 strikes at 5kA, 1 strike at 10kA 1 strike 100,000 Class I IP20 Built-in use only

Which LED street lights of ZGSM are equipped with SPD surge protection as standard?

ZGSM's AC street lights are all equipped with a standard 10KV surge protection, which not only protects the lamps from damage but also ensures personal safety.


LED technology has brought about efficient energy savings and enhanced the value of outdoor lighting. In order to ensure that LED street lights can reach their expected lifespan, surge protection modules should be incorporated into LED street light to prevent early failures caused by lightning surges and other power line disturbances. The surge protection module installed at the front end of the LED power device provides effective protection for the lighting system.


SPD (Surge Protective Device) for street lights is an electronic device designed to protect outdoor lighting fixtures, such as LED street lights, from voltage surges caused by lightning strikes or power disturbances. It works by monitoring voltage changes in the circuit and, when it exceeds a set threshold, activates a protection mechanism. This mechanism provides a low-impedance path to divert excess voltage safely to ground, preventing damage to the lighting fixture.

SPD is crucial for outdoor lighting fixtures, especially LED street lights, because it offers several benefits. It provides lightning protection, safeguarding fixtures from damage due to lightning strikes. It protects sensitive electronic components within street lights, ensuring longer lifespan. Additionally, it enhances personal safety by reducing the risk of fires or electrical accidents caused by overvoltage.

Generally, SPDs are considered consumable products and may not come with long-term warranties. This is because their primary function is to protect against sudden changes in current flow, which can potentially damage the SPD itself. However, specific warranty policies may vary among manufacturers, so it's advisable to check with the manufacturer or supplier for warranty details and any available flexibility in negotiations.

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