Solar Led Street Lamp Common Fault Repair (Part 2)

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The outdoor Solar Led Street Lamp failure repair method

Controller inspection and maintenance methods

The red light of the controller indicates that it is charging, and the red light flashes to indicate that the battery is fully charged, and the controller is charging with a small pulse of current. Controller yellow light: the battery has run out and cannot work normally.

At this time, if the battery wire is disconnected and then reconnected, the light will be on. This is because the controller detects that the battery has been charged and the battery capacity has increased. Not the floating voltage of the battery (recovery voltage of disconnected load).

Maintenance method of the solar panel (solar battery)

If the connection of the solar panel is not very strong, it will not be able to charge normally. It is usually expressed as a voltage (tested by a voltmeter). The normal open circuit voltage is above 17.5V, but there is no current. This phenomenon is that the battery board’s wire is not connected properly (virtual soldering at the welding place or the joint is not secure).
The troubleshooting method can be directly used to detect the data with the voltage and ammeter after the black electrical cover behind the battery board is opened. If the aluminum foil of the direct heavy battery board detects no current, it means that the battery board has problems and needs to be replaced.

Battery maintenance method

The battery should be charged and discharged normally under normal conditions. For example, if the voltage is above 12V, and the voltage drops within a short period of time after the lamp (load) are connected, the battery has been damaged. In addition, the water in the waterproof casing is causing a positive Negative short circuit and the correct voltage cannot be detected. Usually, it will be a high voltage and low voltage.

Due to the water intake, the battery discharges too much. The voltage drops to 10V. At this time, the battery can return to normal after being charged and discharged with a normal small current cycle. Use, if you can’t use it normally, you need to replace it with a new one. Lead-acid batteries will cause daily light-off or the rainy days will be reduced due to the decrease in capacity after three years. This is a normal phenomenon.

Maintenance method of LED lamps

LED light source can’t work normally under the condition of normal battery voltage. If the light is off, you can directly connect the positive and negative of the lamp to the positive and negative of the battery. If the light source can light up, it means the lamp is good.

Control The controller does not supply power to the load, the controller has a problem, this phenomenon is a long rainy day, the battery voltage is not enough, (the controller’s protection voltage for the battery is 11.3V-22.6V, as long as the battery is lower than the lower voltage, the controller will (Mandatory light off) The lamp must work after the battery is fully charged and the voltage rises to 12V (24V).

If the lamp is directly connected to the lamp, the lamp is not lit, indicating that the lamp has a problem. This phenomenon is reflected in: there is a problem in adjusting the circuit control components of the lamps and lanterns (high current, large voltage breakdown, or parts falling off). In this case, contact the factory in time to replace it with a new one.

The lamp is also bright during the day. Maintenance method of not turning off the lights during the day

Such a situation means:

  • The solar panel did not charge the battery during the day.
  • The positive and negative connections of the controller are reversed.
  • There is a short circuit and the controller cannot detect the current.
  • The controller has quality problems.
  • The line is damaged because the solar led street lamp uses low-voltage wires. Each cable is composed of many thin copper wires. When we re-installed, we accidentally crushed the copper wire in the edge paint layer, and the surface was not visible, but at this time, there was only voltage but no current, and the lamp did not turn on within a few days after being installed (the battery was not charged, The battery runs out).
    In addition, the edge paint of the wire was broken during installation, and the wire was conducted through the light pole, causing a short circuit. The battery board was not charged due to a short circuit, the battery short circuit sparked, and the lamp was not bright.
Solar Led Street Lamp
Outdoor Led Solar Street Light

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Solar Street Lamps

Solar street lamps are powered by crystalline silicon solar cells, maintenance-free valve-regulated sealed batteries (colloid batteries) to store electrical energy, ultra-bright LED lamps as light sources and controlled by the intelligent charge and discharge controllers used to replace traditional public electric lighting Streetlamp.

  • The whole light is off. Solar street lights are used for outdoor lighting, and often encounter high temperatures, rain, low temperature, rain, and snow. The solar led street lamp controller is usually installed in the lamp post, which is easy to cause the water to the controller to short circuit. First, observe whether the controller wiring is rusty. If it is possible that the controller is damaged, no battery voltage measurement is performed. For example, the 12V solar street lamp power supply system. If the battery voltage is less than 10.8V, the battery is no longer charged. Replace. Then check whether there are voltage and current output under normal working conditions of the folding solar panel. If the battery board is not damaged, replace the battery board. The above is no problem, you should check the light source, only connect the power supply to the light source to see if it is lit, and replace the light source if it is not bright.
  • The lighting time is short, and the duration of rainy days is short. Usually, the storage capacity of the storage battery is reduced, which is caused by sufficient storage. Just replace the reasonable battery.
  • The solar led street lamp source is not bright. Many solar led street lamp use dot matrix LED light sources. In addition to the quality problems of the LED light source, some lamp bead welding will cause this situation. The solution is to replace the corresponding lamp beads, weld firmly, or replace the entire street lamp head.

50W split solar led street lamp supplier introduced the common failures and maintenance methods of solar LED street lights. In summary, we should usually overhaul and prevent it. We should always check whether the lamp body is seriously damaged or leaks. No matter what kind of situation occurs, it must be dealt with as soon as possible, especially the leakage phenomenon, and time must be dealt with to avoid the occurrence of electric shock accidents.

Therefore, whenever there are heavy wind and heavy rain, we have to look at the LED street light controller for damage or water ingress. A small number of such cases occur, but if they are discovered, they must be dealt with in a timely manner. Only regular inspection and maintenance can ensure that the LED street lamp can be used for a longer time.


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