How do Solar Street Lamps Work on Rainy Days?

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As the name, solar street lights use solar light as energy to transform into a power source for lighting. Now it is very common to use. Whether it is a city or a rural area, no matter whether it is a square or a park, it will use solar street lights because it is convenient and energy-saving. , So it is favored by many people, we all know that solar street lights are illuminated by sunlight, so what to do when there is no sunlight? Can it still be illuminated? Today, multiple solar street light manufacturers share this article for you.

Working principle of a solar street lamp

The basic principle of solar street lamp work is that the solar battery pack converts the sun’s radiant energy into electrical energy during the day, which is stored in the battery by the intelligent controller, and the intelligent controller controls the battery to discharge the street lamp at night. According to user requirements, the lighting time is reasonably allocated.

Guarantee the normal lighting conditions of Solar Street Light in rainy and rainy days

  • If you want to meet the normal use of rainy days, then you need to improve the conversion efficiency of solar panels. On the one hand, you can choose solar panels with higher conversion efficiency per unit area. On the other hand, you can also increase the area of solar panels, that is, increase solar energy. The power of the board.
  • If you want to meet the normal use in rainy days, you must also increase the capacity of the battery, because solar energy is not an energy source that can continue to provide stable power, so you must need an electricity storage device to store electricity, and then use a stable The continuous output is the battery, so a suitable battery is an important condition to ensure normal use in rainy and rainy days.
  • In addition, from a technical point of view, that is, to achieve intelligent power adjustment through technical means, intelligently determine the recent weather conditions, and plan the discharge power reasonably, so that the stored electricity of solar street lamps will be reasonably allocated, so as to ensure rain and rain Days of normal use.
  • Of course, the choice of quality is also very important. The quality of battery boards, batteries and other accessories also greatly affects their service life. Taking the battery as an example, to give a simple example, the mobile phone charging treasure is equipped with a lithium battery. Some charging treasures have a large capacity, but they will not be able to fill up the mobile phone in a long time. The problem is that they are equipped with batteries of poor quality, which cause the batteries to decay quickly; the same is true of solar street lights, solar panels, batteries and other accessories The quality of the lamp has a profound impact on it. In addition, the quality of the lamp is also very important. If the lamp is not good, the brightness and use will also be affected.
  • The location and position of solar street lights are also very important. For example: solar street lights are installed near some trees (or near obstructions), these trees will affect the solar street lights, cause cover, affect sunlight absorption, As a result, the amount of electrical energy conversion becomes less, then under normal use, the lighting time will be short, or the lamp will not turn on, then it will not turn on in rainy days, or the light is weak, so the installation position of solar street lights is also very important.

Whether solar street lights can be used normally in rainy and rainy daysHow do Solar Street Lamps Work on Rainy Days?

Solar street lamps work on rainy days, solar street lights are designed to operate normally even in rainy and rainy conditions. With advanced waterproof technology and durable materials, these lights are built to withstand various weather conditions. The waterproof casing and sealed components protect the internal electrical components from moisture, ensuring their safe operation during rain showers. Additionally, many solar street lights are equipped with intelligent control systems that automatically adjust the lighting output based on ambient light conditions, optimizing their performance in different weather conditions. Thus, you can rely on solar street lights to continue functioning efficiently and providing illumination, even on rainy and cloudy days.

Solar Street Lamps Work on Rainy Days
Solar Street Lamps Work on Rainy Days
  • Therefore, to work normally like solar energy, the above conditions must be met so that normal lighting can be used, and at the same time can also ensure the normal use of rainy days, because the usual electrical energy is stored, in rainy days When the light is weak, the solar street light will reasonably allocate the stored electricity to ensure normal use.
  • In addition, the solar street lamp itself and the electrical system have a waterproof design and a battery to store energy, and certain rainy days must be considered when designing. So solar street lights can work on rainy days. If it has been rainy days for several days, it depends on how many consecutive rainy days the street lamp configuration and technology can support.
  • In addition, even on a rainy day, the solar panel can be recharged, but the amount of charge will be different according to the degree of rainy day. Solar street lights are equipped with battery charging and discharging devices, which usually charge themselves when the sun is full, and maintain the street light power supply by battery power on rainy days. The solar energy is charged under the sun’s light. On a cloudy day, the sun’s light is relatively weak, and the charging capacity is relatively weak. In short, the strength of the light will affect the charging efficiency, and the rainy day is relatively slow.


The above is the whole content of how to ensure the normal work of solar street lamps on rainy days. In fact, from the above content, it can be seen that solar street lamps can work normally on rainy days, but we should pay attention to that, to ensure that solar street lamps are designed with rainy days in mind Heaven has a margin for it. And to meet the conditions for use in rainy days, so that it is more safe and convenient to benefit the people.


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