Causes and Solutions of Insufficient Solar Street Lights

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The use of solar street lights is more convenient. You don’t have to worry about power problems or switch problems. Every day, people are illuminated on the way home. Because environmental protection and pollution-free, most of the street lights used today are Solar energy, although there are many advantages of solar street lights, there will still be some accidents when using it, such as: when using, the light is insufficient, the street light suddenly becomes dim, and it is no longer as bright as usual, so this situation What are the reasons? How should we solve it? Solar street light manufacturer shares for you:

Reasons for lack of light

The battery board power is too small

When the solar street light is designed and configured, if the power of the battery board is too small, it will cause the storage capacity of the battery to be insufficient. When the street light is used, the power consumption is too large, and the battery cannot be supplied with electricity. A situation that caused insufficient light appeared.

The setting of the controller

The solar controller is to control the lighting time and brightness of the solar street lamp. If the solar street lamp controller is not set to match the actual local conditions, especially in places with more rain, the brightness will be reduced, especially the local When the number of rainy days often exceeds the setting of the solar street light controller, it will bring a great burden to the battery, resulting in the loss of the battery aging and early life reduction. The common thing is that the brightness is insufficient and the brightness is insufficient.

Battery aging

The battery is only the energy storage place of the solar street lamp. If the battery is aging and damaged, there is no power storage. In this way, the solar street lamp has no power supply, or there is a weak power supply, which will cause the solar street lamp to be insufficiently bright or unable to illuminate The phenomenon appears.

Weather impact

The weather has a great influence on solar street lights. Solar street lights absorb sunlight to convert electricity to store electricity during the day and use the electricity stored during the day at night. This has always been bad. In snowy weather, the street lamp will lose its source of electricity, so that when it is used, it will always use the stored electricity. When the stored electricity is used up, or if it is getting less and less, the light from the solar street lamp will be very Weakness will cause insufficient light.

Influence of external factors

For example, solar LED garden light is planted with a large tree, which blocks the solar light source, which will cause the solar street lamp to fail to obtain electricity. Moving, there is no sun that can not absorb the energy of the sun, and the sun board is blocked will also cause insufficient light.

Solar Led Garden Light

The solution to the lack of light

Increase street lamp output power

If the solar street light does not seem to be bright, we can let the technician increase the output power slightly so that the street light will be brighter, but the prerequisite is to improve according to the actual situation of the solar street light.

Use more efficient LED lamp beads

Solar street lamp beads are also very important. If the efficiency of the lamp beads is low, it will cause insufficient light, and the use of high-efficiency lamp beads can increase the brightness.

Pay attention to the tightness of the battery

The storage battery of the solar street lamp is generally selected by the buried method. If the sealed battery box with good sealing performance is not used when buried, or the battery box is damaged under certain circumstances and loses the sealing performance, it will cause aging or failure only when the sealing is done, can normal use be guaranteed, so as to ensure sufficient light.

Pay attention to the orientation of the solar panel

Because our country is in the northern hemisphere, the solar light is basically irradiated from a southerly angle, so it is appropriate to tilt the solar panel horizontally to a certain angle when installing solar panels. In irradiated places, the shadows of tall buildings or trees will have a great impact on the work of solar panels. If there are tall buildings nearby, it is more appropriate to install solar street lights on the road to the south of it, east, and west The effect on the surface will be relatively poor and the solar street lights installed in the north can not be used normally. Some regions have special climates. For example, the weather with fog lasting until 9 or 10 o’clock in the year is more than one-third of the year, and the sky is relatively clear from afternoon to evening. In such a climatic environment The solar panel’s solar panels can be considered to be slightly angled westward and vice versa. If there are high mountains to the east or west of urban or rural roads, it may be considered to be offset to some angle in the corresponding direction.

Problems with controller settings

The controller should be set according to different climates and light times in different regions when setting, so as to ensure normal use.

The above is the entire content of the causes and solutions of insufficient solar street lights. In fact, the lack of light is because the solar street lights are injured, or it is an aging phenomenon. In addition, weather and other external factors will also cause insufficient light, so we are using Attention should be paid to adjusting according to the situation.


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