Requirements and Precautions for Led Solar Street Lamp Commissioning Before Installation

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Solar street light is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving street light that uses solar light sources to transform into power. Because it is environmentally friendly, does not consume energy, and is convenient to use, solar street lights are now used in many places. Everyone knows that it is easy to use and has good effects.

What I know is what kind of work is done to bring this effect. In fact, there are a lot of things that need to be checked and debugged before installation, so as to ensure the normal use of solar street lights, so what is there before installation Requirements? What needs to be debugged? Today, the Solar Street Light Manufacturer is here to talk to you about the requirements and precautions for the commissioning of solar street lights before installation. Let’s take a look!

Led Solar Street Lamp
Led Solar Street Lamp

Debugging requirements before installation of Led Solar Street Lamp

Inspection of solar lighting components

Before installation, we must first check the various components of the solar street light to confirm that it can be put into use without error, to ensure that there will be no major errors after installation, and if there is a problem, it will be dealt with in time.

Solar LED Street Light Price and Performance

Solar LED Street Light Price

The cost of Led Solar Street Lamp varies depending on factors such as the power rating, battery capacity, and additional features. While the initial investment in solar LED street lights may be higher than traditional lighting systems, the long-term cost savings make them a cost-effective choice.

Time control function setting and debugging

The more important thing about the debugging of Led Solar Street Lamp before installation is that the length of time during the use is also very important. We cannot require solar street lights to be illuminated during the day. During the day, it is time to absorb the light source to charge.

The lighting time is only at night, so the adjustment of the time is still necessary, so we have to set the daily light-on and off-light time as required in the design plan. We can set the time control according to the instructions of the controller. The point, the lighting time every night should not be higher than the value in the design process, can only be equal to or less than the design value, otherwise, it will affect the lighting and reduce the service life.

Debug light control function

The light control function is the key factor that determines whether the solar street light is on or not. If it can be turned on during debugging, it means that the light control on function is normal, and if it fails to light, it means the light control on function is invalid. In this case, we need to check and set up. If it is said that after wiring during the day, use opaque objects to cover the light-facing surface of the battery assembly (or remove the battery assembly wiring on the controller), according to the controller manual.

The delay time is to see whether the solar street light source can automatically light up after the corresponding time has passed. If it is unavailable, check and debug again. If it is normal, remove the cover of the solar battery module (or connect the battery module power cord on the controller), and the light source can automatically go out, indicating that the light control function is normal.

Lithium battery equipment testing

In addition to the above, battery testing is also necessary. If the battery does not reserve power, problems will occur during use, which will affect the use. Therefore, after the led solar street lamp controller is debugged, we must test the lithium battery and other equipment Perform a simple test again to see if the light source can be lit. Avoid finding out that the light is still not on after the overall installation is completed, and maintenance will waste time and increase costs.

Inspection of solar street light accessories

In addition to the main components of the solar street light, the accessories also need to be inspected. We need to see that the internal accessories of the solar street light should be inserted tightly and firmly to avoid failure due to loose wind swing and poor contact. Solar street light fixtures and lamp poles, lamp poles, and cantilevers are reliably fixed. Only in this way can the complete performance of the equipment be ensured and the normal use of the led solar street lamp.

Precautions for debugging before installation of Outdoor LED Solar Street Light

Before installation, pay attention to a comprehensive inspection. Whether it is lamps or solar street lights, all components, or some accessories, small parts, etc., must be checked to ensure that they are correct, and then debug and install.

Pay attention to safety when debugging, especially personal safety, and wear protective measures such as helmets and gloves to prevent accidents.

When installing and debugging, pay attention to the tools that are ready to be used. Tools are very important. Only when the tools are in place will it be more conducive to people’s work.

When installing and debugging, a professional master must be selected for debugging, so as to ensure accuracy and prevent unnecessary accidents during use.


The commissioning process requires a fully charged battery, proper mounting height, functional solar panels, quality control of electronic components, and testing for lighting and sensor functionality.

Safety precautions include wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, avoiding exposure to live electrical components, grounding the system, and following manufacturer’s guidelines and local regulations.

Commissioning should be avoided during heavy rain, snow, or thunderstorms to prevent damage to components and ensure the safety of personnel.

Check battery voltage, wiring connections, controller settings, sensor response, and the stability of the lamp’s mounting to ensure proper operation.


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