What Is LED Flood Light?

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LED Flood Light refers to the illuminator on the illuminated surface that is higher than the surrounding environment, that is, looking up. Typically, it can be aimed in any direction and has structures that are unaffected by climatic conditions. The high-power LED floodlight housing has reached the IP66 protection level, which means that it can completely prevent foreign objects and dust from entering the dustproof. In terms of waterproof and moisture-proof: it can prevent large waves from invading and can be installed on the ship’s deck. Prevent damage caused by large waves.

LED floodlights are mainly used for large-area operation mines, building outlines, stadiums, overpasses, monuments, parks and flower beds for architectural lighting, and commercial space lighting for good projection, decorative The composition is heavier, and its appearance is round and square. Most of the SMD LEDs are low-voltage driving, and the aluminum substrate is used for heat dissipation. Therefore, most of the lamp housings are made of aluminum alloy, because the specific gravity of the aluminum alloy is 2.7, which is much smaller than the iron-copper, that is, the overall weight is light.

LED flood light housing, large heat dissipation surface area, reasonable heat dissipation structure, good overall heat dissipation of the lamp, can reduce the probability of failure, thus ensuring the design life of the LED flood light. The internal and external anti-strong earthquake structure design effectively solves the problems of the bulb falling off due to strong vibration, shortening the life of the bulb, and the fracture of the bracket.

The exit beam angle of the Stadium LED Flood Light is a 130° symmetrical wide-angle light distribution system. High-purity aluminum reflector, precise beam and best reflection. Replace the lamp for easy maintenance. The optical characteristics of the LED lead to glare problems, and it is necessary to have a light-transmitting lamp cover to form a surface light source to some extent. Nowadays, many materials are added by sanding or adding materials. With the development of these years, the light transmission performance is further improved.

LED Flood Light


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