How to choose LED Gas Station Lights?

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With the development of society and the advancement of science and technology, the safety of the production environment is getting higher and higher, and the safety of some special production environments is attracting more and more attention.

Especially in some gas stations with flammable gases and dust, chemical plants, painting workshops, etc., safety production is the first criterion, in addition to normal production equipment, transportation equipment, and even its lighting appliances, such as LED gas station lights, are creating a safe production environment. Necessary conditions. LED gas station lights are specifically designed to meet the safety requirements of these environments. They are built with advanced technology and materials that can withstand potentially hazardous conditions.

LED gas station lights are equipped with features such as explosion-proof and dust-proof capabilities, ensuring that they can operate safely in environments with flammable gases and dust. These lights are designed to be highly durable and resistant to impacts and vibrations, reducing the risk of accidents or damage.

Understanding the Risks at Gas Stations

Gas stations are supplementary stations for retailing gasoline and motor oil for cars and other motor vehicles, generally adding fuel oil, lubricating oil, etc. Because petroleum products have the characteristics of being flammable, volatile, easy to leak, and easy to collect static charge. Gas stations must establish the idea of “safety first”, then we should choose a special gas station for the special environment of the gas station, do not use ordinary lamps on the market.

Everyone knows that the gas station is strictly smoking, calling, and open fire, because these are the source of danger. In summer, the temperature is high and the gasoline lamp is volatile. The most recent source of danger is the lighting fixture. If the lighting fixture does not have corresponding protection. Design, at this time the temperature of the lamp and the generated spark is a great safety hazard.

Because the gas station is a flammable and explosive place, installing the LED explosion-proof lamp at the gas station is an indispensable part of the safety environment. In addition, according to relevant national regulations, gas station oil depots must be equipped with explosion-proof lamps.

The Need for LED Explosion-Proof Lamps

In order to prevent explosion of gas and dust, explosion-proof lamps must be used; in order to reduce the lighting energy consumption, LED explosion-proof lamps should be used; in order to protect the lamps from rain during use, the protection level of explosion-proof lamps should reach IP66; The luminaire can resist the corrosion of various gas liquids. The anti-corrosion level of the explosion-proof lamp should reach WF2; in order to make the luminaire adapt to various installation environments, the explosion-proof lamp must have wall-mounted (bracket type) and ceiling type (embedded).

Street lamp type (guard rail type) U-shaped bracket, ceiling bracket, street lamp accessories and other installation methods; in order to be able to use for a long time and better use of the use of explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof lamps should have a lighting warranty period of seven In the year, the light source warranty is 3 years, and the electrical warranty is 2 years warranty.

Features of LED Gas Station Lights

What kind of explosion-proof lamp should be installed at the gas station, the gas station is an outdoor working place, so the distance of illumination is relatively high. We suggest to use the petrol station LED canopy light at the gas station. The LED gas station lights source has good color rendering, low heat dissipation and easy maintenance. It is 6-10 times longer than the life of ordinary light source. Of course, LED light source is also very energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

LED gas station lights
Petrol Station LED Canopy Light


The LED gas station lights provided by our company is an recessed LED gas station lights specially designed for gas station lighting. It adopts high-pressure die-casting aluminum alloy shell, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed and anti-corrosive. It can withstand harsh environments and is explosion-proof and waterproof. Anti-corrosion function, and through the national authority explosion-proof certification, this luminaire fully meets the illumination requirements of the gas station, beautiful, high-grade, safe and energy-saving. The humanized shape design embodies the aesthetic requirements of the modern oil station lighting fashion and the natural and harmonious concept of human nature. The energy saving rate is at the leading level in the country, and the energy saving effect is very obvious.

Recessed LED Gas Station Light

The use of professionally designed gas station luminaires not only allows the driver to clearly identify the location and highlight the brand logo of the petrol station within a certain distance, giving the driver a comfortable and safe refueling environment, and can be achieved in daily operations. Energy-saving effect, more than 60% energy saving than traditional lighting fixtures. The lowest initial input cost and daily operating cost, in order to achieve the maximum benefit of energy saving. This product has been widely used in the lighting of flammable and explosive places such as gas stations, chemical plants, metallurgy, power plants, ships, warehouses and flammable dust environments.The above is today’s sharing.If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.


The aging test standards for LED street lamps involve subjecting the lamps to specific conditions, such as high temperature and humidity, for a certain period of time to assess their performance and durability.

The purpose of aging test standards for LED street lamps is to ensure that the lamps can withstand harsh environmental conditions and maintain their performance over an extended period of time.

LED street lamps are tested for aging by exposing them to accelerated conditions, simulating years of use in a shorter period. This allows manufacturers to evaluate the lamps’ performance and estimate their lifespan.

Having aging test standards for LED street lamps is important because it helps ensure that the lamps meet quality and reliability requirements, reducing the risk of premature failures and ensuring long-term performance.

The aging test standards for LED street lamps consider factors such as temperature, humidity, voltage fluctuations, thermal cycling, and continuous operation to simulate real-world conditions and assess the lamps’ performance under different scenarios.


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