High Mast Light with Lighting Tower

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High mast lighting is a powerful and efficient lighting solution that provides illumination for large outdoor areas such as highways, airports, sports stadiums, and industrial complexes. With their tall poles and multiple light fixtures, high mast lights offer increased visibility, enhanced security, and improved safety. In this article, we will explore the meaning and applications of high mast lighting, discuss the benefits it offers, and provide real-world examples to highlight its effectiveness.

High Mast Light with Lighting Tower

What is High Mast Lighting?

High Mast Light with Lighting Tower refers to the installation of tall light poles, typically ranging from 30 to 150 feet in height, equipped with multiple light fixtures mounted at the top. These fixtures are capable of providing high-intensity illumination over a large area, ensuring enhanced visibility and safety during nighttime or low-light conditions.

High Mast Light with Lighting Tower:

A high mast light with a lighting tower combines the benefits of high mast lighting with the mobility and versatility of a lighting tower. This innovative solution allows for easy relocation and adjustment of the lighting source, making it ideal for temporary lighting requirements such as construction sites, events, or emergency situations. The lighting tower can be raised or lowered to the desired height, providing flexibility in directing light where it is needed most.

High Mast Lighting Applications:

1.Highways and Roadways:

High mast lighting is widely used along highways and roadways to ensure safe driving conditions during the night. The increased visibility helps drivers navigate the road, identify potential hazards, and reduce the risk of accidents. According to a case study conducted by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), the implementation of high mast lighting on a stretch of highway resulted in a 40% reduction in nighttime crashes.


Airports require proper lighting to ensure safe takeoffs, landings, and taxiing. High mast lighting is strategically placed around runways, taxiways, and aprons to provide clear visibility for pilots and ground staff. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has set specific lighting standards for airports, including high mast lighting, to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

3.Sports Stadiums:

High Mast Light with Lighting Tower is essential for sports stadiums, allowing for optimal visibility during evening events. The bright and uniform lighting provided by high mast lights ensures that players, officials, and spectators have a clear view of the playing area. Additionally, it enhances security by providing a well-lit environment for crowd management and surveillance.

4.Industrial Complexes:

High mast lighting is widely used in industrial complexes such as ports, warehouses, and manufacturing plants. These areas often require 24/7 operations and require reliable lighting solutions. High mast lights provide high-quality illumination, ensuring safe working conditions, increased productivity, and improved security.

High Mast Light with Pole Price:

The cost of high mast light with lighting tower systems can vary depending on various factors such as pole height, number of fixtures, and additional features. On average, the price range for a high mast light with pole can be anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 per unit. However, it is important to note that the long-term benefits and energy savings associated with high mast lighting make it a cost-effective investment.

Series No Series M
Power 280W,560W, 840W
Efficacy 150lm/W
Input Voltage 100-240/277 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Power Factor >0.95
Surge Protection 10KV (Default) / 20KV (available on request)
IP Rating IP66
IK Rating IK10
CCT 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K
CRI Ra>70 (Default) / Ra>80
Operating Temperature -40°C to + 50°C
Beam Angle 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°
Mounting Option Whole fixture 0-360º adjustable; Single module 0-90º adjustable
Warranty 5 Years
Certification CE, ROHS, LM80, TM-21
Control DALI Dimmable, Photocell, Non-Dimmable, 1-10V Dimmable, Zigbee or Lora Control
Price $240-$900


High mast lighting is a powerful lighting solution that offers enhanced visibility, safety, and security for various outdoor applications. Whether it is illuminating highways, airports, sports stadiums, or industrial complexes, high mast lights provide reliable and efficient illumination. Real-world case studies and data demonstrate the positive impact of high mast lighting on accident reduction, productivity improvement, and overall safety. As technology continues to advance, high mast lighting will remain at the forefront of ensuring well-lit and secure environments for years to come.


High mast lights are designed to provide uniform and high-intensity illumination for large areas such as highways, airports, and sports fields, ensuring safety and visibility.

A high mast tower is a tall pole structure that supports multiple high-power luminaires placed at a significant height, allowing for wide-area lighting coverage.

High mast lighting standards vary by country and region. In the United States, the American National Standard for Roadway and Area Lighting Equipment (ANSI C136) provides guidelines for high mast lighting design, installation, and maintenance.

While both floodlights and high mast lights provide powerful illumination, the key difference lies in their application. Floodlights are typically used for localized lighting, while high mast lights are designed for large-scale area lighting.

High mast lights typically operate at voltages ranging from 120V to 480V, depending on the specific application and power requirements. It is essential to consult local electrical codes and regulations for precise voltage specifications.

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