Smart street light from the Falcon series provide a modern lighting solution. These lamps have a modern, streamlined design that not only improves looks but also makes maintenance easier. They can work seamlessly with 3PIN, 5PIN, or 7PIN NEMA sockets and ZHAGA sockets when connected with 0-10V, 1-10V, DALI, and DALI2 D4i LED drivers.
ZIGBEE, LORA, Motion/PIR, or Casambi nodes, which enable remote intelligent control via software or an App, are examples of future adaptability.
The Falcon smart street light, which comes in four sizes and a full range of power outputs from 20W to 200W.
Its elegant and generous design emanates sophistication and finesse. To accommodate different situations, versatile installation choices include horizontal and vertical orientations.
The Street Lights is the best option for wide logistical centres, parking lots, residential areas, and walkways for pedestrians.

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