Tunnel Lighting & Underpass LED Tunnel Light

Tunnel Lighting & Underpass Lighting

Tunnel Lighting Underpass LED tunnel light is designed for tunnels and underpasses to provide bright, uniform lighting in these challenging environments. These lights offer high luminous efficacy, long life, and enhanced durability, making them extremely reliable and efficient. They are also designed to be energy efficient, reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Some of the most popular features of LED tunnel lights include high-quality optics for optimal light distribution, uniform light output, and high color rendering index, ensuring excellent visibility and safety in tunnels and underpasses. Light uniformity has a huge impact on driver visibility and safety. Without a clear view, they cannot anticipate potential hazards. By studying your tunnel environment, we can provide highly uniform lighting fixtures to ensure a higher level of safety.

Customize outdoor LED Tunnel Light To Meet Your Specific Needs

LED tunnel lights can generally be customized according to customers’ needs. Customers can choose the right power according to their needs and can choose different light sources, such as high luminous efficiency LED, COB LED, etc. Different control methods can be provided, such as constant light, induction control, light control, etc. If you need to use it in explosive areas, you can customize the LED tunnel light to meet the explosion-proof level.

Series H Modular design of LED Tunnel Light

H-Series tunnel lights for underpass lighting, these lights are modular in design, easy to install and maintain, and can be customized to meet specific requirements. They are also weatherproof and impact resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use in harsh environments. Overall, LED tunnel lights are an excellent choice for tunnel and underpass lighting due to their high performance, energy efficiency, and durability. Tunnel Pass LED Tunnel Lights are universally designed for wall or ceiling-mounted tunnel lighting applications, with optional adjustable features for various tilt angles.

  • Watts: 40-240w
  • Light Efficiency up to 165lm/w
  • Protection class I or II
  • Modular design, easy maintenance
  • IP66&IK10
  • Wide choice of optics to suit more applications
  • CE, CB, ROHS certified.
  • Smart Control: 1-10V dimming, DALI control, Photocell, Motion sensor, Zigbee or Lora Control

Innovative Modular Design

Modular design provides excellent heat dissipation performance and easy maintenance.

Smart Motion Sensor

The smart motion sensor detects motion within a certain range and triggers the light to turn on.

Smart Control

A variety of smart accessories are available to realize intelligent control of lamps and lanterns.

Adjustable Bracket

The mounting bracket can be adjusted by degrees, to meet the different irradiation angles of the flood lamp.

Product Parameters

Series No Series H
Power Factor 40W,50W, 60W,80W,100W,120W,150W,160W, 180W,200W,240W
Efficacy 125-165lm/W
Input Voltage 100-240/277 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Power Factor >0.95
Surge Protection 10KV (Build-in Driver) /Extra 10KV SPD (Available on request)
IP Rating IP66
IK Rating IK10
CCT 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K
CRI Ra>70 (Default) / Ra>80
Operating Temperature -40°C to + 50°C
Beam Angle TypeI, Medium;TypeII, Medium;TypeIII, Medium;TypeV, Short;
Mounting Option Bracket Mounted
Warranty 5 Years
Certification CE, CB, ROHS, LM80,TM-21, ISTMT, IEC62471/62788
Control Photocell, DALI Dimmable, Motion Sensor, Non-Dimmable, 1-10V Dimmable, Zigbee or Lora Control

Why Choose outdoor LED Tunnel Light From ZGSM Lighting?

Each of our leaders in R&D dept, quality dept, production dept, and sales dept has more than 12-20 year-experience in LED lighting Fifield, who can provide effective LED lighting solutions quickly and professionally.

Cost-Effective Products: We have always been committed to the pursuit of the best ratio of quality and price, to provide customers with the most cost-effective products.

Products Certificate: ZGSM has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and ISO50001 international quality and environmental management system certificates. And most of the products have passed certificates of CE, UL, RoHS, CB, ENEC, SAA, DLC, etc. by TUV SUD.

Fast Delivery: Our regular delivery time is generally within 3 days for samples and 2-3 weeks for bulk orders.

Certification Exhibition

As the premier manufacturer of led light tunnel in China, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality products. Our LED tunnel lamps boast a comprehensive range of certifications and test reports, including CE, CB, SAA, ROHS, UL, IEC62471, LM80, LM79, and more. Illuminate tunnels with confidence by choosing our certified LED tunnel lights. Experience the assurance of superior quality, exceptional performance, and adherence to global standards. Trust in our expertise and elevate the safety and efficiency of your tunnel lighting projects.

Series H LED Tunnel Light Application

Series H LED Tunnel Light Application

LED tunnel lights are mainly used in road tunnels, underground parking lots, subway tunnels, underground walkways, and other lighting places to provide good lighting effects and safety. LED tunnel lights for Tunnel Lighting and Underpass Lighting are made of high-quality materials with excellent anti-shock performance, and are well adapted for roads, railways, and other projects. Tunnel Pass LED Tunnel Lights are made of special reflective materials to achieve uniform illumination and to provide lighting quality and illumination that meet the standards.

Application Scenario

  • Tunnel
  • Underpass
  • Channel
  • Corridor
  • Cave


An LED Tunnel Light is a lighting fixture specifically designed for tunnel illumination. It utilizes energy-efficient LED technology to provide bright and uniform lighting in tunnels, ensuring optimal visibility and safety for drivers and pedestrians.

LED Tunnel Lights offer several advantages, including energy efficiency, long lifespan, and high-quality lighting output. They consume less energy compared to traditional lighting sources, resulting in cost savings. Their long lifespan reduces maintenance and replacement costs, while their superior light output ensures clear visibility in tunnels.

Yes, LED Tunnel Lights are suitable for various tunnel sizes and designs. They are available in different wattages and beam angles to cater to different tunnel configurations. Additionally, they can be customized to meet specific lighting requirements, ensuring optimal lighting performance in different tunnel environments.

Yes, LED Tunnel Lights are designed to withstand harsh tunnel conditions. They are built with durable materials that can withstand vibrations, dust, and moisture commonly found in tunnels. This ensures their reliability and longevity, even in challenging tunnel environments.

LED Tunnel Lights are highly energy-efficient, consuming less electricity compared to traditional lighting sources. This results in significant energy savings and reduced electricity costs. Additionally, their directional lighting capabilities minimize light wastage, ensuring that the light is focused where it is needed most, further enhancing energy efficiency.

Illuminate Tunnels with Ease: Discover the Cost-effective LED Tunnel Light Solution for Your Project!

Determining the cost of LED Tunnel Lights has never been simpler. Just provide us with essential details about your application, project location, and project scale, and our team of expert lighting professionals will handle the rest. We will diligently design and construct tunnel lights that precisely align with your unique requirements.


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