Compare The Advantages And Disadvantages Of LED Street Lights

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Road lighting is closely related to people’s production and life. With the acceleration of urbanization, LED Street Lights gradually enter into the advantages of directional illumination, low power consumption, good driving characteristics, fast response, high seismic capacity, long service life and environmental protection. People’s vision has become the world’s most new generation of energy-saving light source to replace the advantages of traditional light sources. Therefore, LED street lamps will become the best choice for energy-saving renovation of road lighting.

LED lamps are widely used because of their advantages:

  • The design is a secondary optics design. We will illuminate the IK10 LED Street Light into the area of the required illumination, which will make the illumination more efficient.
  • Light decay is very small, the service life is very long, LED street lights still have high use value after 10 years of use, they have less than 3% of light decay during the continuous use of one year.
  • The use period is very long, it can use more than 50,000 hours.
  • Low maintenance price: Compared with traditional street lamps, the maintenance price of LED street lamps is extremely low. After comparison, the total input cost can be recovered in less than 6 years.
  • Easy to install: no need to add cables without rectifiers, directly installed on the pole or the light source nested in the original lamp housing.
  • Excellent heat dissipation control: summer temperature control below 45 degrees, and passive cooling, summer heat protection is insufficient.
  • Uniform light color: no lens is added, and the uniform light color is not sacrificed to improve the brightness, so as to ensure uniform color without aperture.

Compared with traditional lamps, LED street lamps have become more perfect, but LED street lamps still have many shortcomings. Their shortcomings are as follows:

  • Although the light attenuation of LED street lamps is low, this is basically for high-power LED street lamps, and the light decay of low-power LED street lamps is still relatively large.
  • The light color of the LED street lamp is white light. Due to the individual defects in the manufacturing process and the matching error of the lens, it is easy to form a yellow circle when used, which will affect the effect of the lamp.
  • Low color rendering. The color displayed under the illumination of the LED is not as true as the incandescent lamp, which is analyzed from the spectral distribution and is a technical problem.
  • LED illumination uniformity problem. If the secondary optical design is not performed, the illumination of the LED is relatively concentrated, so the secondary optical design must be performed so that the light intensity distribution map is bat-shaped.
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