Public LED lighting with smart street lighting

Municipalities all over the world are constantly faced with the challenge of improving public services while cutting costs. Many public lighting installations are outdated and do not perform as needed for a safe and attractive urban environment. Our modern LED street lighting products improve lighting levels and deliver huge energy savings compared to conventional streetlights. With Novalume, better and smarter light also means a brighter balance sheet for your city – from day one!

The easiest way to connect your City

Adaptable to existing street lighting infrastructure, scalable and immediately operable, the Node is a wireless control unit mounted on streetlights. This ‛plug-and-play’ solution enables the transmission of information and the reception of control commands to the luminaire’s LED. The Lumintell™ Node can be installed on any existing or new LED lighting fixture (also available as an embedded system), no matter the model or manufacturer. The Lumintell™ Node connects automatically to the network and communicates directly with the Lumintell™ web-based application at 

Thanks to your existing street lighting infrastructure and the network, you are now able to connect your city, significantly reduce your energy consumption, CO2 emissions and maintenance costs, get smart data from your IoT-ready network and make your city smart!

Sustainable City

The general trend of national and international environmental regulations and policies is to protect the planet from global warming by reducing the CO2 footprint generated by an excessive consumption of electricity. Our LED street lighting solutions let you be part of the solution by drastically reducing your city’s energy consumption. The low maintenance and long lifetime of our products also lead to huge cost savings. Coupled with our cash-flow-positive financing, this means more funds available for other municipal projects.

Safer streets and starry skies

Upgrading the public lighting system is not just an opportunity to improve your city’s finances – when LED is done right it also benefits the environment and makes your city a safer and more pleasant place for inhabitants. The optical design of our street lights delivers a uniform and precise distribution of light that eliminates glare and light pollution. Streets are safer and black sky is back!

zgsm Smart City

Thanks to your new or existing LED street lighting infrastructure equipped with LUMINTELL™, you can connect your city, reduce your energy consumption and maintenance costs, get smart insights and smart data from sensors, and make your city safer, more efficient and sustainable.

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