Your Savings Pay For Your Smart City Upgrade

In collaboration with well-known financial institutions around the world such as SINOSURE(China's only policy-oriented insurance company specializing in export credit insurance), Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China; China development Bank; China export and import Bank, ZGSM provides a payment plan that makes investing in LED technology pay for itself from day one. We call it the ‛pay-as-you-save’ model. Thanks to this financial model, ZGSM can both ensure you a completely new Smart City Lighting solution and drastically reduce your electricity costs and CO2 emissions by up to 75%.
ZGSM neutralizes the CAPEX (capital expenditure) and your new Smart City solution is paid for with part of the savings it generates. After a part of the savings has been used to repay the investment, you will still save up to 75% of your electricity lighting costs, freeing up capital that can be invested elsewhere in your municipality.

No CAPEX + Lower OPEX = Positive Cash Flow

Upgrading to high-quality LED lighting will save you money in electricity consumption and maintenance – it will lower your OPEX (operating expenditure). Combined with Novalume Finance’s financing, this results in positive cash flow that you can dedicate to your core business.

The payback period is typically up to 5 years and is usually shorter than your warranty period.
After the payback period you enjoy 100% of the savings for the lifetime of the installation, meaning significant long-term cost savings.

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